Andy Tillison on Progarchy!

Elfin Andy!

Best promo/commercial EVER made for a website.

And, no, Eric Perry (ha!), I’m not employing hyperbole.  Thank you so much to Mr. Diskdrive!

Not surprisingly, Progarchy’s editor is smiling uncontrollably, ear to ear.

About bradbirzer

By day, I'm a father of seven and husband of one. By night, I'm an author and prog rocker. Interests: Rush, cultural criticisms, the Rocky Mountains, individual liberty, history, hiking, and science fiction.

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  1. Brilliant – great bloke for sparing his time


  2. Mindset? What mind? Whats he on about?


  3. Oh, what a nice little gesture from Andy :-)


  4. Wonderful!


  5. Agreed. What a generous person. I’m still a bit stunned. I’d emailed him this weekend asking him for a “comment’ regarding Progarchy. I’d assumed he’d send me a sentence such as “You should read Progarchy!” I had no idea I’d receive a full-blown promo! Again, just stunned. Thank you, Mr. Diskdrive! Thanks, too, to the wonderful Sally Collyer.


  6. Thank you, Mr. Tillison!!


  7. Excellent!

    Very much looking forward to seeing him on stage again later this year.


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