The Voting Begins: 2014 Progressive Music Awards



Mighty Jerry Ewing, editor extraordinaire of PROG, has just announced the opening of elections for the 2014 Progressive Music Awards.

As Chicagoans might state: vote early and often.

But, in the republic of progarchy, we encourage you to vote only once and with appropriate gravitas.

To vote, go here:

About bradbirzer

By day, I'm a father of seven and husband of one. By night, I'm an author and prog rocker. Interests: Rush, cultural criticisms, the Rocky Mountains, individual liberty, history, hiking, and science fiction.

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  1. Made my selection. Come on the Train. Couldn’t find Salander to vote for. Maybe next year lol


  2. Not sure of the catagories….and definitely not enough RUSH!


    • Thanks, Keith. I agree. But, I didn’t want to pick more than one album from any band.


      • Hmm I probably should have gone with that rule :p I may have voted for Ian Anderson a few too many times haha. Oh well there are no losers in this voting because they have all made such wonderful music.


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