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Inmateria (2015) now available on iTunes and at — @inmateria_

Good news! Inmateria‘s impressive eponymous 2015 concept album is now available on iTunes and at Spread the word!

Spiral Architect — “Purpose” (1995 Demo)

Spiral Architect — “Purpose” (1995 Demo)

Inmateria (2015): “The Flame on the Sea” and “The Problem of Evil” @inmateria_

Argentine-Chilean vocalist Solange Sosa is here to remind you that you can buy your own copy of Inmateria‘s excellent 2015 album here or here, or else listen to it in its entirety via online streaming.

Inmateria (2015):

“La llama en el Mar” (“The Flame On The Sea”)
1. Preludio (Instrumental) [01:54]
2. Lejos De Aquí [05:19]
3. Anormal [04:48]
4. La Inocencia (Instrumental) [02:48]
5. Fuera De Lugar [04:07]
6. En La Oscuridad [07:16]
7. La Búsqueda (Instrumental) [01:56]
8. Un Paso Atrás [03:57]
9. Flotar [07:01]
10. Epílogo (Instrumental) [02:58]

11. El Problema Del Mal [10:34]

Red hot Chile proggers — Inmateria ★★★★★ @inmateria_

Here’s a self-written bio for Inmateria, the amazing band whose eponymous 2015 album I told you about yesterday (and be sure to have a free listen to the whole fantastic ★★★★★ album):

INMATERIA is a Progressive Rock band that excels in their home country, Chile. They possess the quality of a being a band with a progressive sound that does not invoke one specific band, but really depends on the listener to hear and reminisce in their mind for their own influences. The memorable melodies of their Argentine-Chilean vocalist Solange Sosa make Inmateria a more accesible band that both the most relentless progressive rock listeners, and the ones who love melodies to hum, would love.

Their concept album “Inmateria” is composed of a continuous 10-part story called “La llama en el Mar” (“The Flame On The Sea”) and a second song, 10:30 in length, called “El Problema Del Mal” (“The Problem Of Evil”). “The Flame On The Sea” is a metaphor with many layers that talks about childhood, feeling out of place, depression, and innocence. It blends powerful progressive rock songs with more mellow tunes and instrumental themes that could be part of a film score.

The second song on the album, “El Problema Del Mal,” is a shorter 10:30 tune that talks about “The Problem Of Evil,” which refers to the idea that, if God is omnipotent and good, why is there evil in the world?

Solange Sosa – Vocals
Matí­as Armstrong – Guitars and Keyboards
Luis Jaraquemada – Bass and Keyboards
Daniel Frommer – Drums
Gabriel Varela – Keyboards

1. Preludio (Instrumental) [01:54]

2. Lejos De Aquí [05:19]

3. Anormal [04:48]

4. La Inocencia (Instrumental) [02:48]

5. Fuera De Lugar [04:07]

6. En La Oscuridad [07:16]

7. La Búsqueda (Instrumental) [01:56]

8. Un Paso Atrás [03:57]

9. Flotar [07:01]

10. Epílogo (Instrumental) [02:58]

11. El Problema Del Mal [10:34]

Spiral Architect: “A Sceptic’s Universe” ★★★★★

This classic prog metal extravaganza was released fifteen years ago…

Spiral Architect: “A Sceptic’s Universe” (2000)

Spinning -0:00

Excessit -3:25

Moving Spirit / Occam’s Razor -9:39

Insect -14:58

Cloud Constructor
………….x- Cloud Of Unknowing -20:54
………….y- Being And Nothingness -24:05
………….z- Shuffled -25:04

Conjuring Collapse -26:21

Adaptability -32:55

Fountainhead -37:30

Inmateria (2015): @inmateria_ superb melodic prog rock from Chile ★★★★★

Holy smokes, this is one of the best albums I have heard all year!

Check out Inmateria’s eponymous 2015 album. It’s available in full on SoundCloud and YouTube… and it’s mind-blowing!

These accomplished musicians hail from Santiago, Chile:
Solange Sosa – Vocals
Daniel Frommer – Drums
Gabriel Varela – Keyboards
Luis Jaraquemada – Bass
Matías Armstrong – Guitars

I wish my language skills were much better so that I could know more of what she’s singing about so gloriously, but in any event Solange Sosa delivers a very impressive vocal performance.

The whole band is a prog dream come true. I love everything about this album: the unique yet classic style, the intricate arrangements, the impeccable musicianship, the epic flow of a remarkable prog concept album, and the fascinating melodies.

There’s lots of instrumental virtuosity layered throughout the tracks, in grand prog style:

1. Preludio (Instrumental) [01:54]
2. Lejos De Aquí [05:19]
3. Anormal [04:48]
4. La Inocencia (Instrumental) [02:48]
5. Fuera De Lugar [04:07]
6. En La Oscuridad [07:16]
7. La Búsqueda (Instrumental) [01:56]
8. Un Paso Atrás [03:57]
9. Flotar [07:01]
10. Epílogo (Instrumental) [02:58]
11. El Problema Del Mal [10:34]

Who knew that such incredible talent was residing down in Chile? Well, now you know!

Spread the word. This superb band deserves to become well-known and distributed world-wide.

I give this album my highest rating — five stars! — and I hope to hear much more from Inmateria in the future.

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: “Anything So Bright” music video

Great song, with a great video that fits it perfectly.

I love new discoveries like this.

Thanks to Johanna from Gone Beyond Records in Stockholm, Sweden, for telling Progarchy.

A new EP will drop in June.


Nightwish — “Élan” from Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Looking forward to this concept album on evolution

3.14.15 9:26:53

Happy Pi Day to the Republic of Progarchy!

H/T: Thaddeus Wert

Steve Howe — Anthology

The release of the excellent new Steve Howe Anthology happens today (March 10, 2015):

All told, Anthology takes in 36 years of music and 16 albums and is assembled, for the most part, in chronological fashion.  Rhino promises that Howe’s six-string prowess is on display via songs like “Pennants,” “The Collector,” “Maiden Voyage” (one of many featuring his son Dylan on drums), “Curls & Swirls,” and “King’s Ransom” from his most recent proper solo effort, 2011’s Time.  Anthology also features two Bob Dylan covers (“Just Like A Woman” and “Buckets Of Rain”) that might come as a surprise to those who only know Howe for his majestic progressive work. Also included are several tracks off Motif – Volume 1 , the 2008 collection of re-recorded highlights from the Howe discography such as “Devon Blue” and “Diary Of A Man Who Vanished,” a song that first appeared on The Steve Howe Album.

While culled primarily from Howe’s solo albums, Anthology goes back as far as 1967 with the psychedelic “So Bad” and also represents a pair of compilations.  “Sharp On Attack” has been pulled from 1988’s Guitar Speak, a now-out-of-print release which found Howe contributing a track alongside other hard-rocking guitar greats like Rick Derringer, Phil Manzanera, Leslie West and Ronnie Montrose.  A rendition of Yes’ “Mood for a Day” has been taken from 1993’s Symphonic Music of Yes, with Howe playing alongside the English Chamber Orchestra. …

Steve Howe, Anthology (Rhino, 2015) …

CD 1

  1. “So Bad”
  2. “Lost Symphony”
  3. “Pleasure Stole The Night”
  4. “Pennants”
  5. “Look Over Your Shoulder”
  6. “Surface Tension”
  7. “Sensitive Chaos”
  8. “Running The Human Race”
  9. “Desire Comes First”
  10. “Luck Of The Draw”
  11. “Maiden Voyage”
  12. “Walk Don’t Run”
  13. “Momenta”
  14. “The Collector”
  15. “Just Like A Woman”
  16. “Buckets of Rain”

CD 2

  1. “Distant Seas”
  2. “Curls & Swirls”
  3. “Meridian Strings”
  4. “Simplication”
  5. “Rising Sun”
  6. “Westwinds”
  7. “Ultra Definition”
  8. “Ebb And Flow”
  9. “Dorothy”
  10. “Sketches In The Sun”
  11. “Diary Of A Man Who Vanished”
  12. “Devon Blue”
  13. “King’s Ransom”
  14. “Bachians Brasileiras No. 5 (Aria)”
  15. “Beginnings”
  16. “Mood For A Day” – with The English Chamber Orchestra
  17. “Sharp On Attack”

CD 1, Track 1 included on Mothballs, RPM Records, 1994
CD 1, Tracks 2-3 from Beginnings, Atlantic SD 18154, 1975
CD 1, Tracks 4-6 from The Steve Howe Album, Atlantic SD 19243, 1979
CD 1, Tracks 7-8 from Turbulence, Relativity ZK 90885, 1991
CD 1, Tracks 9-11 from The Grand Scheme of Things, Relativity 88561-1163-2, 1993
CD 1, Tracks 12-14 from Quantum Guitar, Resurgence RES130CD, 1998
CD 1, Tracks 15-16 from Portrait of Bob Dylan, Eagle EAGCD087, 1999
CD 2, Tracks 1-2 from Natural Timbre, Eagle EAGCD166, 2001
CD 2, Tracks 3-4 from Skyline, Inside Out IOMCD113, 2002
CD 2, Tracks 5-6 from Elements, Inside Out, 2003
CD 2, Tracks 7-8 from Spectrum, Inside Out IOMCD215, 2005
CD 2, Tracks 9-12 from Motif,Vol. 1, HoweSound, 2008
CD 2, Tracks 13-14 from Time, 2011
CD 2, Track 15 TBD
CD 2, Track 16 from The Symphonic Music of Yes, RCA Victor CD  09026 61938 2, 1993
CD 2, Track 17 from Guitar Speak, IRS CD IRS-42240, 1998


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