We’re more than happy to accept physical cds, LPs (vinyl), and books for review.  We’ll happily accept downloads (music and books) as well.  The actual, real, tangible address for Progarchy is, July 1, 2014-July 1, 2015:

Progarchy/Brad Birzer

1710 Whitefeather Drive

Longmont, CO 80504


For a download address, please contact me through the progarchy gmail account:

If you trust us enough to review, we promise to take your art with complete seriousness and, ultimately, as a sacred trust.

Yours, in progarchy,



* The idea behind Progarchy *

The Republic of Progarchy.  No borders, no border guards.  Free speech and free minds.  Image by Mark Widhalm.

The Republic of Progarchy. No borders, no border guards. Free speech and free minds. Image by Mark Widhalm.

Dear Music Lovers, Carl E. Olson (famed editor of Catholic World Report and Ignatius Insight, for Ignatius Press) and I founded this blog on October 11, 2012.  It was Carl’s idea, but I ran with it.  He, Chris Morrissey, and Kevin McCormick, and I have been arguing and discussing music for quite awhile now.  With Carl’s suggestion, we decided to make our conversations public.  Though each of us is a lover of progressive rock music (hence, the title of the blog), we also love any music that is good, true, and beautiful.  So, while we will review, comment on, and notice prog music, we will also do the same with jazz, classical, soundtracks, and other types of music (though not rap or country).  We’ll post interviews and repost interviews.  We’ll write articles and repost great stuff from around the web.  Each of us has agreed to post as often as we wish, whenever we wish without the censorship of an editor.  I’m the administrator (and I’m still learning this whole web/wordpress thing) but I’m only an equal editor in the big scheme of things.  Our model is the Dutch Progressive Rock Page (, perhaps the finest music reviewing site on the web.  Unlike DPRP, however, we will be posting as irregularly and as often as possible.

We encourage any person, artist, group, label, etc. who would like things reviewed (old, reissued, and new) to send us a link for a download ( or a physical copy to: Brad Birzer, Progarchy, 6 West Montgomery, Hillsdale MI 49242. This is what we love, and we will do everything possible to get the word out about your work.  We will never take such a thing lightly.

We will be reviewing books and artwork related to music as well.

Carl is an artist, an author of several excellent works, and a professional editor.  Chris is a classical scholar, linguist, translator, and professional philosopher.  Kevin is a professional classical guitarist, composer, and award-winning poet.  I am a professional historian and author.  What do we have in common: we’re all roughly the same age, we’re each very intense and passionate about what we do, and we’ve each been in love with music as far back as any of us can remember.  Of the four, I’m the oldest–having been born in the last days of the Summer of Love (1967).

Long live progarchy,

Brad Birzer

  1. Hi, maybe to get the site going why don’t you (the progarchists) make short lists of your favourite prog albums. It would help us viewers get a better sense of what you are all into and help form a basis of the ‘great albums’ for newcomers to prog.
    Just a thought…I hope it becomes popular for you!


  2. Mouth of the Architect, Sleepwalk Powder, is the best song every made in this genre (imo). The spiritual depth of it is astounding.


  3. Hey Brad,

    Just heard you on The Tom Woods show. I’m 33 and my uncle got me into Rush and Dream Theater when I was 16. I’m also a huge Tool fan. I would love to find a prog group with a singer that sang in a different style than the operatic LaBrie style. Know of anything?


  4. Brad, I listened to the Tom Woods Show and was pleased that you mentioned Glass Hammer, Big, Big Train and Tangent. Have you had the chance to take in Moon Safari? Musically, I think they’re one of the better bands to have come out this millennium.


  5. My son emailed me a link to your interview with Tom Woods and I had to check out your site. Also listening to Toms show now. Been listening to prog for ages-started with Yes and Rush in the 70’s and rediscovering the genre now. Thanks for the site and looking forward to discovering more bands.


  6. Re Journey to the Centre of the Earth

    I’ve just read the review of the Newcastle gig. Did we go to different shows?

    Journey is one of my favourite albums, and I fondly remember the tour in the 70s, but last night’s concert in Plymouth was a shambles.

    The sound balance was a mess: the narration was drowned out by the band, and half the time the choir was inaudible because of the same reason. The sound balance was all over the place, and we were in the middle of the auditorium. The singer from Strictly has a pretty lousy voice. I know she’s Rick’s friend but there has to be another reason to pick someone to sing with you. And Ashley; his voice was totally wrong for the part. Once again a mate of his, and so that’s why he picked him, but a bad choice.

    Honestly, I’ve been to a great many of Rick’s concerts as well as dozens of Yes concerts around the world, but last night’s performance was sloppy and under-rehearsed. It just seems as if he does’t really care any more.

    Totally disappointed.


  7. Seems we did go to different shows. You went to Plymouth and I went to Newcastle. The City Hall acoustics are pretty good and I thought the sound was well mixed. I have seen gigs in the large arena we have up here where the sound bounces all over the place and sounds horrible.

    I thought the singer from strictly was OK and her voice suited the parts she had to sing.

    Ashley Holt was the original singer on the original album so I don’t understand why you thought his voice was wrong for the part. They are his parts and always have been. If Gary Pickford Hopkins had still been alive then I assume he would have taken his original parts too.

    I think the audience appreciated seeing many of the original line up from the 1974 shows.

    I am really sorry you didn’t enjoy it.


  8. Hi Brad-! Could you please forward this to Connor Mullin… Hi Connor- My name is Dennis Lee Askew and you reviewed my 1st Universe album in your series 7 of prog bands nobody has ever heard of… It was such a great review; I have a new compilation album out and I added your review to my new site

    Please let me know what you think Space-Rocker. Thanks again Connor-!!!


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