The Fierce and the Dead forthcoming UK Tour

Prog guitarist extraordinaire Matt Stevens has sent out a nice thank you, request, and notice regarding the very quickly forthcoming U.K. tour.  Of course, all North American Progarchists are jealous, but we’re also very happy for our British brethren.  Matt, play your heart out, as you always do.

Hi Brad [Yes! A personal email from Matt!]

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who shared the link and photo for the Fierce And The Dead/Knifeworld/Trojan Horse tour last week. Hundreds of you shared it!! Amazing 🙂 We really need this tour to work for us, financially it’s really difficult and we really hope to break even so we can continue to gig and make records. Word of mouth is so important and what you’ve done will make a big difference.

There is now an animated VIDEO promo featuring snooker legend and prog DJ Steve Davis again:

If you could share the video that would be amazing 🙂 If you can post it on your blogs, facebook, forums and twitter it will really help.  Everything counts at the moment, this is really make or break time for the band.

Thanks to everyone who came to the gigs this weekend – lots of you out and that’s really appreciated, lets hope that the same people come to the Fierce And The Dead tour 🙂

Here is the info for the tour:


Knifeworld, The Fierce And The Dead and Trojan Horse are to undertake a three way, week long tour of the UK in late October/Early November. We’re proud to say that the tour is sponsored by Prog Magazine, Rock-A-Rolla and Z-Vex Guitar FX.

Expect gnarled Northern experimentalism from Manchester four piece Trojan Horse. Acoustic loop wizard Matt Stevens ‘gone electric’ delivers angular and epic swathes of post- riffery with The Fierce And The Dead while eight-piece Knifeworld, fronted by Cardiacs and Guapo guitarist Kavus Torabi and including members of Chrome Hoof, deliver dense, soaring, kaleidoscopic prog.

Here’s the full letter:


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