Make Some Noise with Big Big Train


Have you heard the Big news?

And check out the blog post by Greg Spawton.

I am fascinated that the song order has been changed.

Disc One:

1. Make Some Noise (4.22)
2. The First Rebreather (8.31)
3. Uncle Jack (3.49)
4. Swan Hunter (6.20)
5. Seen Better Days (7.37)
6. Edgelands (1.26)
7. Summoned By Bells (9.16)
8. Upton Heath (5.39)
9. A Boy in Darkness (8.03)
10. Hedgerow (8.54)

Disc Two:

1. Judas Unrepentant (7.17)
2. Worked Out (7.30)
3. Winchester From St Giles’ Hill (7.17)
4. The Lovers (5.32)
5. Leopards (3.54)
6. Keeper of Abbeys (6.59)
7. The Permanent Way (8.16)
8. East Coast Racer (15.44)
9. Curator of Butterflies (8.45)

Surely this is a new development in the history of prog.

Bands are now comfortable messing with the track order of their masterpieces — because it is the age of digital downloads?

I am curious about whether it works or not. I am skeptical about the placing of “East Coast Racer”, for example.

But, listening is believing. So I look forward to digesting this, the final form of a masterpiece…

You can buy from The Merch Desk or try and get one of the sold-out signed copies from Burning Shed.

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