The Big Big Weekend 2013 – Day 1 in Video

What happens when a bunch of fans of the critically-acclaimed progressive rock group Big Big Train get together in a beautiful, ancient English city?

The inaugural Big Big Weekend took place on the 14th & 15th September 2013 in Winchester, in the United Kingdom.

A celebration of the music of Big Big Train and its many ties to Winchester, the weekend was organised by the amazing Alison Henderson via the BBT Facebook page and well-attended by fans from across the world. Several members of the band (plus a few guests!) also attended, making this weekend a very special and memorable event.

This video shows the highlights of the first day – a walk around Winchester guided by Alison and Greg, followed by a traditional prog curry!

On day two we headed down to Rob Aubrey’s hallowed Aubitt Studios in Southampton for a candid and fascinating chat about about how BBT’s albums are crafted, with special focus on the rip-roaring fan favourite “Judas Unrepentant”. Stay tuned for a video of that day – coming soon!

9 thoughts on “The Big Big Weekend 2013 – Day 1 in Video

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