Top Ten Prog Over Ten Minutes Long ★★★★★

In order to meet the challenge of listing my own Top Ten Prog Albums EVER, I imposed upon myself an additional requirement over and above the ones Brad specified.

Each album on the list, I insist, must contain at least one song that is over ten minutes long.

And so, given that sonnet-like constraint, here is my list:


Big Big Train — The Underfall Yard (H/T: “The Underfall Yard” [22:54] and “Victorian Brickwork” [12:33])

Kate Bush — Hounds of Love (H/T: “The Ninth Wave” [= Side Two of the LP, clocking in at 27 minutes])

Flying Colors — Flying Colors (H/T: “Infinite Fire” [12:00])

Genesis — Foxtrot (H/T: “Supper’s Ready” [23:06])

Haken — The Mountain (H/T: “Pareidolia” [10:51] and “Falling Back to Earth” [11:51])

King Crimson — Red (H/T: “Starless” [12:26])

Rush — A Farewell to Kings (H/T: “Xanadu” [11:12] and “Cygnus X-1” [10:26])

Sound of Contact — Dimensionaut (H/T: “Möbius Slip” [19:36])

Transatlantic — The Whirlwind (H/T: The entire album is one song 78 minutes long! Or take “Dancing With Eternal Grace” [12:04])

Yes — Fragile (H/T: “Heart of the Sunrise” [11:33])


If I were allowed doubles then maybe I would substitute Yes’ Close to the Edge for the Haken and Big Big Train’s Far Skies Deep Time for the Sound of Contact.

But can I instead invent a new challenge?

How about the “Top Ten Rush Albums EVER”, ranked not alphabetically but in order of preference?

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Prog Over Ten Minutes Long ★★★★★

  1. Drew

    I’m UP for that challenge of top-ten RUSH albums in ORDER of “preference”!!!
    I’ll be listing these in ascending-order with the LOWEST Numbers,being my MOST FAVORITE!!! Enjoy…………..

    1.) Hemispheres (without a DOUBT,Rush’s ALL-TIME BEST!!!)

    2.) Permanent Waves

    3.) Moving-Pictures (YES,I put this BEHIND #2 because the “Coolness of Moving Pictures,
    STARTED with Permanent-Waves!!!)
    4.) Exit……..Stage Left (TRUE Awesomeness…………only “Live”!!!)

    5.) Signals (Sorry,But I will NEVER-EVER get tired of listening to this one!!!)

    6.) Farewell to Kings (In MY personal opinion,there is NOT a “bad” tune on this album

    7.) Fly by Night (The true START of pure Prog-genius!!!)

    8.) Presto (I chose THIS one because it came out the year I graduated,and truly “spoke”
    to me.
    9.) 2112 (I know,I know…..many people will QUESTION why this is so low on the list? My
    answer? Because although side-one of this truly ROCKED,I found side-two to
    be alot less “Moving” musically.)
    10.) RUSH (Yes,despite this album NOT having the imagination or true-GENIUS of Mr. Neil
    Peart on it,the “Heaviness” of their sound is just pure Awesomeness!!!)

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    1. Really hard to do, but here it is:
      1. Moving Pictures 1981
      2. Permanent Waves 1980
      3. A Farewell To Kings 1977
      4. Hemispheres 1978
      5. 2112 1976
      6. Signals 1982
      7. Grace Under Pressure 1984
      8. Power Windows 1985
      9. Counterparts 1993
      10. Fly By Night 1975


      1. Drew

        Haha,Wow……..your list was EXTREMELY “close” to the list I was thinking of before tapping on my keyboard to make “MY” List here!!! Lol. Very WELL done Sir!!!


    1. Drew

      Well………….Thank-YOU Brad,for your appreciative-comment regarding my list on here!!! Will be looking forward to seeing Yours as well!!!


  2. Drew, Your list is pretty spot on!
    One small change….I’d swap Farewell to Kings with Hemispheres.
    FTK is so special in my memory
    …and RUSH could be bumped up a little too 🙂
    So difficult
    I love them all….even Caress of Steel…!!


    1. Drew

      Thank-You Mike,for liking my “list” and Your VERY CORRECT in saying that it IS extremely “difficult” because I Love them ALL TOO…….all for different-reasons!!!


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