OVRFWRD — Beyond the Visible Light

If you like purely instrumental prog, check out the fine tunes from OVRFWRD.

OVRFWRD is a four piece all instrumental progressive rock band formed in late 2012. All four seasoned musicians, including drummer Rikki Davenport and guitarist Mark Ilaug, bassist Kyle Lund and keyboardist Chris Malmgren came together with diverse and complex backgrounds and musical influences. Together they have a common goal; to create and perform powerful, colorful, interesting and sonically descriptive music, engaging and pushing forward on the musical journey they have embarked on.

Here’s a taste from the album they put out this year, Beyond the Visible Light. The song is called “Can We Keep the Elephant?”:

One thought on “OVRFWRD — Beyond the Visible Light

  1. Wow,going INTO this (going to watch the video above) I was VERY Skeptical as I am with ANY and ALL “new” music,especially new “Prog”!!! However…………similar to Rush,as I listened from the start,I suddenly became more and MORE involved in the rhythms and time-settings,etc. As I felt myself becoming more and more drawn into this eagerly anticipative direction of music and was wanting to “ride-along” on exactly WHERE it was going and WHERE it was going to end up at!!! VERY smooth delivery of the drummer as he easily allows the guitar,bass and synth-player,to do their own thing while also sticking in MEMORABLE quick-fills here and there to keep the sound “interesting” and unsure of where exactly the music will take You next!?!? Great instrumenta OvrFwrd!!! Bravo.



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