10 thoughts on “Playing around with Peart book cover ideas

  1. Bill

    Please don’t think me verbose. I have long been a fan of all things Rush and especially the lyrics.
    I wanted to give you my thoughts on a book title if I were to write one.

    Liberty Lyricized.
    The Writtings of Neil Peart
    Love the blog by the way!!



  2. Frank

    Don’t like Age in there-you might lose those who are thinking you are discussing arthritis or just ‘aging’. The Age of Wisdom or Percussion and Repercussions might navigate that a bit better.

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  3. I think the title’s great, but you may need a designer to get the look right, since the fonts appear a bit generic. Unless you want it to look academic I’d drop the colon, perhaps use Vital Signs as the main header with Neil Peart and His Age in smaller font underneath. Alternatively, since he is the subject of the book, have Neil Peart up top and Vital Signs below (but then you’d be dropping “and His Age”).

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    1. Craig, excellent suggestions. Frankly, I doubt if WordFire will let me choose the cover. They have professionals who do this sort of thing! I was really just playing around with the Snakes and Arrows font and my favorite picture of Peart.

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      1. Have to admit Brad,I DO LOVE the “look” of Neil during the time the pic You chose,was taken!!! Had that truly “focused” look on em,and still had that braided pony-tail in the back (similar to mine!!!) Lol. 🙂

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