Concert Review: Rush at The Forum – The Final Show

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There will never be another Rush.

This much is true.

The trio hailing from Toronto, Canada closed a large chapter of their 40 year + career to a sold out crowd on Saturday at the Forum in Los Angeles. The final concert of the 40th anniversary tour is quite certainly the last of its kind but whether it is indeed their last of all time only the future knows or at least Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.

It was another stellar evening with Lee in strong command of his vocals along with a very present bass, Lifeson, ever the virtuoso on guitar, in pristine form, and Peart the professor behind the drum kit. They kept it straight, no extra songs, nothing different than what hasn’t already been played since they embarked on the R40 tour on May 8 in Tulsa, OK.

The final show got “Losing…

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2 thoughts on “Concert Review: Rush at The Forum – The Final Show

  1. Even READING a simple “review” of RUSH,can NEVER be enough!!! Yet,the TRUE “REAL” JOY of being able to play “La-Villa-Stragiato” WHENEVER I want,will NEVER EVER Subside within me!!! Yes,I’ve listened to that song,COUNTLESS times over the years,YES,I know EVERY SINGLE drumstroke from that recording,by HEART (I’ve even caught myself tapping the drum-part with my fingers while drifting off to sleep!!! 😉 ) YET………….if someone told me I’d NEVER EVER be able to listen to that song AGAIN??? I’d completely FREAK and be placed in a sanitarium from hearing those words!!! BUT You know that song by HEART!!! You’ve listened to it a ZILLION TIMES BEFORE!!! SO WHAT if You never get to hear it again!?!? ………….B-E-C-A-U-S-E it’s R-U-S-H!!! THAT’S WHY!!!




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