Progarchy’s Best Commentator Ever: Indieun7

As we approach our third anniversary, it’s fun to look at the stats for the site.  And, one stat really sticks out.  One man has commented on nearly half of our posts, sometimes more than once.  Thanks, Indieun7!  We really appreciate the support.

And, here’s all we know of him.  He’s an American man of mystery.


Off the Rez.

I’m a mild-mannered Native-American writer who’s true-identity is the superhero known as “SUPA-NATIVE”!!!

Seriously though……….I’m a writer who writes WHAT he feels,WHEN he feels it!!! The one true thing I can guarantee You after reading my words,ARE…… it’s complete and total “Honesty”!!! For Honesty is NOT what You “think”……but what You “Feel”…….and in this case………ALSO……..what I “write”!!! ~Peace~

3 thoughts on “Progarchy’s Best Commentator Ever: Indieun7

  1. LOL. WOW!!!………………………There have been very,VERY FEW moments in my life,when I am caught SO “off-guard”…………that it makes me literally SPEECHLESS!!! Haha. THIS,is one of those rare TIMES!!!

    Thank-You OH SO KINDLY Mr. Brad-Birzer,for this………..(Dare I SAY IT???) “Honor”,for being this site’s MOST popular (some may choose “Annoying” to describe it!!!) Commentator!!!

    All joking aside………..I DO read almost ALL posts to this site,and whether or NOT,I choose to comment on something,I MUST say that ever since I found out about this site a few years back,I was immediately “drawn” into it from sheer curiousity at the start!!! However,as I continued reading each post (and the AWESOME,very well-written works by Mr.Brad-Birzer!!!) I quickly found out,that his music-tastes,like mine…………..were very,VERY similar!!! So I was drawn even further into this site,hence when my commenting started!!! Haha.

    All in all though,I must THANK everyone associated with this wonderful,informative and very INTERESTING site (including EACH OF YOU,who choose to post your reviews and wonderful musical-tastes)!!! I’ve grown to Love this site and after reading each of the posts on here,I feel as if,I’ve come to know each of You MORE,on a more “personal” level and I’m extremely thankful for that!!!

    So Thank-You to EACH of You,who keep this site going and especially to Mr. Brad-Birzer whom KEEPS writing his WONDERFUL,inciteful posts that ALWAYS KEEP ME coming back for MORE!!! Lol. Job well-done Everyone!!!


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