5 thoughts on “Progarchy Radio: Episode One

  1. Unfortunately my system doesn’t allow the file to open, which is a shame. By the way every Sunday I’m doing a progshow on poprockfm here in the Netherlands. If you want a copy of the show let me now. I will skip the station calls etc…


  2. Nice one, Brad. I’m doing this back-to-front having listened to Show # 2 first. That’s pretty good quality listening-wise through the cans. Did you say you’re recording this on Camtasia?


  3. Listened to the whole episode again. Some wonderful new (to me, at least) music. I credit Progarchy for introducing me to Haken and Iamthemorning, and these other groups are wonderful as well. Jotting down the approximate times gave me:
    00:00 – Intro
    02:19 – ELP, From the Beginning
    04:33 – newspaperflyhunting, Demolished Mansions
    11:40 – [HEADSPACE], All That You Fear Is Gone
    16:30 – Haken, Initiate
    20:48 – Iamthemorning, Too Many Years
    25:43 – Fractal Mirror, Universal
    34:03 – Fire Garden, Redemption
    42:36 – Conclusion

    Now this evening I’m going to listen to the whole thing again!

    Then on to Episode 2 …

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  4. Great great first show Dr.B!!!! I absolutely love that track from Newspaperflyhunting’s ep. Also the new Fractal Mirror album is now on my MUST BUY list. Dr. B….you were born to be an FM D.J. with that silky mellifluous voice of yours 🙂 And, Stephen (Landry) thanks for the play list: kudos!



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