Some Glass Hammer Thoughts

imgFor those of you who have not had the chance to listen to the new Glass Hammer album, VALKYRIE, do so.


I’m not usually an authoritarian kind of guy–but, really, go to amazon or iTunes or Glass Hammer’s website and order it.  Now!

Seriously, whatever your finances are at the moment, you owe it to yourself to support such beauty.  I pre-ordered the CD, and I’ve downloaded the 24bit version (for the glorious Fidelia).  So, I might have gone a bit overboard, but I can’t help but be elated–well, maybe even more so–by this album.  A lot of folks have already noted that it’s one of the great concept albums of all time.  I certainly won’t disagree.  With every listen, I hear something new in Fred’s keyboards, Steve’s bass, Aaron’s drumming, and Alan’s guitar.

And, then, of course, there’s Susie’s rather immaculate voice.  Holy schnikees does she know how to make a grown man weep or what?!?!?  Astounding, really.  Some reviewers have described Susie’s voice as angelic.  To my ears, it’s even better.  It’s immaculate.

But, this is not just a great concept album or a great prog album.  It’s extraordinary music, plain and simple.  Or, gothic and complicated!

For the most recent listens (two today), I’m hearing a lot of Rush from the Hemisphere’s period.  But, it’s Rush with a heavenly and religious touch, a feminine touch, a delicate touch.  And, it simply makes it all the better.

It’s the kind of album that makes me happy to be alive and see that my nearly half century in this world gloriously coincides with that of Steve, Fred, Alan, Aaron, and Susie.  A blessing, to be sure and to be counted.

Here’s my review from a few weeks ago:

3 thoughts on “Some Glass Hammer Thoughts

  1. I’m so glad your enjoying this album Brad!!! Saying this album is like Rush’s “Hemispheres” album (with a “feminine” touch,which makes it all the better,according to You),is always a good thing,as Rush’s “Hemispheres” album,is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE album from Rush,that they’ve ever done,and NOTHING could ever come CLOSE to topping that one!!! PERIOD!!!

    Anyway,my POINT……… that it’s refreshing to see other “Prog” bands,making use of Rush’s Revolutionary work from generations past!!! Hopefully,that’ll give their groundbreaking-work,prominence for upcoming bands to LEARN and GROW from!!! 🙂

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