Pre-Pre-Order the Forthcoming TANGENT ALBUM

Welcome to our PRE PRE ORDERS PAGE 2016/17

This is the special pre-preordering page for the as yet unfinished album “The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery” – the Ninth studio album by The Tangent. All composed and demoed – ready to record

Before we start – please let us make this very clear.. This album will be on sale at a perfectly normal and reasonable price in 2017 and we will have “normal” pre-ordering for the album nearer the time at those prices.

Here’s the actual page with working links:

This page is simply for those people who want to help the band achieve their goals by spending more than is normally charged for our music. In exchange for which we make token gestures in return!
This time we have two “pre-pre order plans” available.

Firstly, the option to “get your name on the cover”. We made a bit of a business mistake with this last time, which would have had Alan Sugar (or in the USA, someone called Donald Trump) firing us in the boardroom immediately. We were too scared to charge a realistic price, and we actually didn’t get very much out of the deal – in fact we ended up owing the distributors money for the CDs we’d ordered ( we don’t get these very cheap believe it or not) .. so here’s what we’re offering this time.

For 50 GBP you will get the CD, with your name in the cover booklet, the album will be signed with personal message by Andy Tillison and subject to delivery to US we’ll try to have it with you just BEFORE the official release date – but not that much before – a day or two! On Top of that, within a day or so of you signing up for this, we’ll send you high quality MP3 files of the demos so far – including stuff that might not even get on the album. Including “A Few Steps Down The Wrong Road” – there’ll be at LEAST an hour of material to enjoy almost immediately. You will also receive a special signed certificate of Tangent Loyalty with your package!!!

 (If you don’t have a Paypal Account – click on the button and choose “Checkout As Guest”)

For 30 GBP you get everything mentioned above -including the preview files and the utterly worthless certificate – but forgo the bit where you get your name in the sleeve.


 (If you don’t have a Paypal Account – click on the button and choose “Checkout As Guest”)
For both groups of pre-pre order people – there will be another installment of work in progress – probably around March 2017 – that will be communicated to you via email,
Although these prices are steep for a name on the sleeve and/or a signature – what we are REALLY selling here is the future development of this band which has, over 14 years fastidiously remained true to its cause. The money we receive will be used for day to day running costs, the many contributors involved and the upgrading of the very basic recording system we use to achieve our results. If this is what you would like to be involved with, we’d be very grateful and pleased.

The songs you will have within the next couple of days include:
1. The full version of “A Few Steps Down The Wrong Road” in Better-Than-Youtube-Quality
2. Doctor Livingstone (Working Title) A fully developed instrumental piece
3. Slow Rust – An epic in a serious state of disorganisation – much to do but here’s where we are with it as of today!
4. Indochina – An Electronic House/Techno Track with Matt Farrow – very well developed
5. Spanish (Working Title) A fully developed instrumental piece
6. Air On A G Vortex – A fully developed instrumental piece with the drum solo!

All of these were used to make the 10 minute demo that you will have heard by now (if not it’s on this page).
NOT INCLUDED is “Two Rope Swings” which is currently part of the Harmony For Elephants project and the Tangent’s version has not yet been started
As we said before – If this isn’t for you – don’t worry – our album will be released as normal in 2017


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