Progarchy Radio, Episode 14

Part I, 2010.

Our first show since Halloween!  Lots of great music on this one.  Four thirty-minute sets with only minimal talking on my part.  A restrained DJ am I!  Promise.

Set I

  • The Fierce and the Dead, Parts I-III

Set II

  • Space Cossacks–Solaris Stomp
  • ELO–10538 Overture
  • Neal Morse Band–The Ways of the Fool
  • Jethro Tull–Wondering Aloud, Again
  • The Gift–Sweeper of Dreams



  • SAND–Earth Mound Square
  • Galahad–Empires Never Last (Orchestral)
  • Glass Hammer–No Man’s Land


Set IV

  • IZZ–Hail Double Knob
  • Jason Rubenstein–The Barbarian
  • ELP–Trilogy
  • Frost*–Falling Down
  • Anathema–The Lightning Song


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