A Bright Ambassador of Morning: Remembering Rick Wright

Rick Wright: Citizen of the Great Gig in the Sky

As with almost everyone my age, Pink Floyd hovered over significant parts of my childhood.  Our local rock station, Wichita’s T-95, played Floyd constantly.  Sometimes (and the station was fantastic), T-95 would play just a part or all of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.  The same was true of THE WALL.  Never would a day go by without hearing at least one song by PF.

Kids wore PF buttons on their denim jackets and wore a variety of different PF t-shirts.  The planetarium in my hometown even hosted a number of shows of Laser Floyd, the music of the band set to the then extremely high tech flashes of light and image.

Then, of course, in 1983, PF released THE FINAL CUT and, in 1987, A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON.  Throughout the 1980s, we proggers and rockers argued constantly about who represented the real PF, that is, the best PF–Roger Water or David Gilmour.  Like almost all Manichaen thinkers, we were idiots.

Thirty years later, I look back and think the lost and forgotten genius of the band was Rick Wright.  I’m not in any way discounting Water or Gilmour.  But, each has received his due. As the only member of Floyd now residing in the “Great Gig in the Sky,” Wright deserves to be considered not just a great keyboardist, but, perhaps, a genius.

Skeptical?  Watch this performance of “Echoes,” at Pompeii, 1971.  Absolutely stunning.  Listen to his voice as well as his keys.  Genius.


8 thoughts on “A Bright Ambassador of Morning: Remembering Rick Wright

    1. Thanks, Indieun! So glad you watched the video. A close friend of mine had a laser disk player (very rare, even then), and we used to stay up rather late watching LIVE AT POMPEII. As I listen to it now, I realize that Floyd prior to the huge success of DARK SIDE is really an amazing and weird band.

      By the way, I’m sorry President #44 didn’t pardon Peltier–I really thought he might.

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  1. UGH,Yup,I AGREE 110% on Peltier!!! But THAT,obviously……….is ANOTHER chapter,from another book if You will!!! (and BTW,Leonard is THE MOST INNOCENT inmate,ever put away!!! PERIOD!!!)

    And Yup,I used to go to those laser-light shows with a great friend I had in high-school,that played stuff from “The Wall” too,and back in the 80’s,those were the coolest forms of entertainment EVER!!! Ahhh,miss those times!!! 🙂 But after watching this video in it’s entirety,it’s VERY EASY for me to SEE,why OH so many,used to get high listening to this stuff!!! Lol. Just the “mood” of this song alone,is very “mellow”!!! 🙂

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  2. I first saw the film at a late night cinema when I was 14 or 15. When I visited Pompeii many years later my main interest was to see where The Floyd has set up. Rick had a great voice and sang on quite a few songs after Syd left, but many think it was Gilmour singing. After Waters started taking control, Rick’s voice was heard less and less. See Saw is a great song.

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  3. kruekutt

    Rick Wright really was the soul of Pink Floyd, in many respects. It’s interesting to hear his keyboard solos on the Early Years boxes — he took Kind of Blue-era Miles Davis’ style and slotted it into the space rock the Floyd were doing before Dark Side. A very vocal style, quite similar to his singing. I think that Meddle & Obscured by Clouds are every bit as worthwhile as DSOTM & what followed — it’s part of why I leaned toward Gilmour’s side after the split.

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