8 thoughts on “I Will Choose Free Will

  1. It’s exhausting to spend time arguing against things that should be self-evidently insane, contradictory and ludicrous (Marxism; collectivism) but unfortunately in our post-modern world, it is common to have to do so. Look forward to reading more about your endeavors. Rush is such an inspiration in a world choosing to be blind.

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    1. Bryan Morey

      Thanks, Tim. What disturbed me the most is how everyone just assumed that private property rights shouldn’t exist (which they don’t in America because of the existence of the property tax). I asked the class what should be done with those who disagree with Marxist theory, and I was met with complete silence. That silence said a whole lot. It is truly amazing how my generation completely ignores what happened in the 20th century, and these are history grad students. The future is not looking bright.

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      1. Haha,TRUST ME Bryan………….Being a Native-American (Menominee-Tribe and PROUD OF IT!!!)………….I don’t even have to tell You even the slightest BIT………..how TRAMPLED ON,ALL of Native-American “rights”,have been the past century!!! Up UNTIL the 20th century……….we didn’t even HAVE ANY legitimate “Rights” as citizens of this country!!! (Because all the WHITES didn’t look at ANY ONE OF US,as “true” American-citizens).

        My point BEING…………….is that Yes…………..I’m probably MORE understanding of YOUR argument here,than probably anyone else that chooses to reply here!!! However……….just because people disagree with something You feel very strongly about,does that make them “haters” of society? Certainly not!!! Thankfully,in this world that we live in TODAY……..people can choose to present opposing arguments FOR or AGAINST something,without it turning into a literal “blood&guts” WAR over it!!! Hence,calm-discussions can be more liberating and mind-opening that a simply shouting of words to prove your point!!!

        Anyway…………..to end this,I’ll simply say,that YOU my Friend,chose a MOST appropriate song,by the MOST APPROPRIATE Band,to voice your feelings about your post!!! Well done Sir!!! 🙂

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    1. Bryan Morey

      I’m proud to have Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty on my shelf alongside several Russell Kirk books. I’m not sure where my copy of Mises’ “Liberalism” went. Probably at my parents’ house with most of my books.

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