Pre-Order Glass Hammer’s UNTOLD TALES

Some brilliant news from Steve Babb and Fred Schendel:


25th Anniversary Special Edition includes rare and previously unreleased studio and live tracks spanning the history of Glass Hammer. Featuring vocalists Susie, Jon, Walter and Carl. Includes “No Man’s Land Live”, two unreleased covers of Argent and Beatles tracks and much, much more. 74 minute running time! Collector’s will also want to grab autographed copies of the new Glass Hammer Photo Book. Only available for a limited time so order now. Orders ship October 20th, 2017. Buy Now!

Featuring vocalists Walter Moore, Carl Groves, Susie Bogdanowicz and Jon Davison. Current bandmembers Fred Schendel, Steve Babb, Kamran Alan Shikoh and Aaron Raulston are all present as are many GH alumni.

Tracks: Shadows Of The Past 2008, Infusion, Identity Principle, Hold Your Head Up, Babb’s Bach, And Then She Sighed, Eiger Dreams, It’s All Too Much, Troll, A Grain Of Sand, Cool Air, The Impulsive Type, No Man’s Land Live (2017).

Pre-ordering autographed copies begins now at the Glass Hammer Store!

Having been immensely privileged to have heard an early version of this release, let me assure you that this is a must own.  Of course, this is true for every Glass Hammer release.  But, in a year of extraordinary releases–from several from Big Big Train, The Tangent, Steven Wilson, and others–Glass Hammer always reminds us of what is most important in art and creativity–the integrity and imagination to move forward while always bringing the audience along for the ride.

It’s Tolkien week, this week, after all.  Today, Bilbo and Frodo celebrate birthdays.  If last year’s extraordinary VALKYRIE–THE best album of 2016–was Tolkien’s THE SILMARILLION, Glass Hammer’s UNTOLD TALES is Tolkien’s UNFINISHED TALES.  Plus, who can ever have too much Susie Bogdanowicz, our very own River Daughter, in this life?


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