Merry Christmas Eve: It’s Time for YES, 90125

90125, released November 1983.

Well, this fits perfectly.  Earlier today, our grand master of the sound stream, Craig “Yes, I’m a Folklorist” Breaden, posted about Steve Howe.

Now, as I type this, St. Nicholas and his entourage are screaming across the world, spreading love and joy, and the angels are getting ready to announce the birth of the messiah (not quite in this order, but I’m doing my best to take a trans-temporal position here).

For whatever reason–and, frankly, I’m really not sure why–I’ve listened to Yes’s 90125 every Christmas Eve since Christmas 1983.

Here I am, 34 years later, sitting in my home office, getting last minute Christmas gifts together and, sure enough, listening to 90125.

There’s absolutely nothing about 90125 that should be Christmas-y, but it is and always will be a Christmas album to me.

Drowning in stylistic audacity. . . when we reach, we believe in eternity. . .

Thank you Jon, Chris, Trevor, Tony, Alan, and Trevor.  34 years later, still Holding On.

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