Progarchy Radio is Back

BB #2
Progarchy Radio, Featuring “Adrift.”

Hey Everyone,

I’m sure you thought Progarchy Radio was dead, making its way slowly up the mountains of Purgatory.  But, alas, she has arisen!  Back on earth.  Back in time.

This edition begins with a song our very own Dave Smith wrote (along with lyrics by yours truly), “Adrift.”  From Birzer Bandana’s second album, OF COURSE IT MUST BE, released today.

Birzer Bandana is followed by Nosound to conclude the first set.

Set Two, nostalgia and the 1980s: INXS; Thomas Dolby; XTC; Ultravox, The The, and Talk Talk.

Set Three, the best of 2017: Big Big Train; Newspaperflyhunting; Dave Kerzner; Glass Hammer; and Tricksy Spirit.

Epilogue, Stranger Things: Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein; and Joy Division.

Yours, in the spirit of progarchy radio,



5 thoughts on “Progarchy Radio is Back

  1. Wait, I love the songs and especially set 2, but in my fantasy world they were all New Wave and not prog. Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to the blog. I’m glad to hear it includes these good things though!

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      1. We must be about the same age, since I loved WLIR-New Music station out of Long Island that switched to the format to play those songs in 1982. Great music, plus prog is great. I am glad we have older stuff to listen to–new music can be good, but mainstream commercial stuff like rap and autotuned pop do not interest me.

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    1. Ha! I despise country and rap and crud pop! I was high school class of 86 and college class of 90. Our local station, KICT-95 out of Wichita, played excellent prog and rock. I came to the New Wave through friends, but mostly through one great friend, in particular, Rich Wilson, who seemed to have everything New Wave starting with Gary Numan. Thanks for writing, Donnalee. So glad to have you with us.

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      1. I’m not much older than you are, but I’m glad we both got in on the good stuff and that it’s still around. I got to spend a week with Steve Howe a few years back, studying and hanging out, and it was so great and worthwhile–he’s a lovely guy. He encouraged the couple dozen of us to sing the chorus of Roundabout while he played, and I got such a kick out of being one of the ones who knew the words and was on key!



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