Arrived at Progarchy HQ: Molesome Dial

Today, much to my surprise, a nice package arrived from Sweden.  And, to make it even better, inside, I found not just a beautiful new cd, but also a three-page handwritten note.

molesome dial
The CD.  Beautiful.  I’ll keep the three-page note to myself, though.

Now, that’s excellence!

Thank you, Mattias Olsson.  I’ve not listened to a single note yet, and I’m already your fan!

3 thoughts on “Arrived at Progarchy HQ: Molesome Dial

  1. I have to laugh hysterically but not-insultingly that a note from a prog musician is three pages long. It’d be funny to speculate on different types of musician and how long written notes by them would be, sort of a ‘how many would it take to change a lightbulb?’ concept.

    I hope you enjoy the music.

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