Big Big Train’s FAR SKIES DEEP TIME Reissued

FSDT cover-300x300
To be re-released, March 16, 2018.

According to an email from Burning Shed this afternoon, Big Big Train has redesigned and remastered its 2010 maxi-ep release, FAR SKIES DEEP TIME.  Coming after 2009’s THE UNDERFALL YARD, FAR SKIES DEEP TIME was never seen by the band as a proper studio release, but rather as a compilation of disparate tracks.

Over the last eight years, two versions of the maxi-ep have appeared, one with a remake of Anthony Phillip’s “Master of Time,” and the other with a remake of a very early Big Big Train track, “Kingmaker.”

This 2018 version will be the first to incorporate both tracks onto one release.

Big Big Train is the premier European band of third-wave prog, and this latest release will only add to the group’s massively growing but already sterling reputation.

To preorder from Burning Shed, please click here.

To see our review of “Kingmaker,” please click here.

3 thoughts on “Big Big Train’s FAR SKIES DEEP TIME Reissued

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  2. FAR SKIES DEEP TIME is one of my favourite BBT albums. I’ve often joked they must have run out of ink when then typed it up as just EP. They couldn’t add two more letters to call it EPIC! It is, and such a wonderful and beautiful selection of songs. It actually helped me when i was going through a rough time in my life and being able to find a place to relax and find the solitude I needed. This music is never far from my thoughts.

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