Tin Spirits No More

Wired to Earth

Well, I hate this news, and I hate being one of those spreading the news.  Sadly, it’s true, however.  The Tin Spirits–one of the best bands of the past decade–has called it quits.  Dave Gregory posted this on social media just about 10 hours ago.

It’s with heavy hearts that we must let you know, after 10 years of making music together, Tin Spirits is no more. There’s been no dramatic fallout, we’re all still dear friends, but unfortunately the end can no longer justify the means. We’d like to thank everyone who has helped us and been there for us through the years, everyone who’s turned up to a gig, it’s meant more to us than you could ever know. We wish all of you the very best xx
From Mark, Dave, Dan and Dougie

The last public announcement–dated November 22, 2017–revealed that the Tin Spirits was then writing a third album.  I’m guessing we’ll never see any part of that album.  Again, what sad news.

For what it’s worth, here is my review of their second album.


And, here’s an interview with Mark Kilminster.





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