Rush: The Animated Series

kmjz8lctraatpxzawyy5dr-970-80Take a look at the sample pages available: This Rush comic looks great.

It makes me think of a great idea, which Progarchy freely offers here: why doesn’t somebody make an animated cartoon about the adventures of the Rush trio?

What I have in mind is something with the great retro animation vibe of the Star Trek animated series. That would be the look and feel.

As for audio, every episode would end with a snippet of a Rush song playing as part of the concluding soundtrack, just like shows such as The Goldbergs or Schooled do in their own televised exercises in nostalgia.

The high concept for Rush: The Animated Series is that, one night, while recording tracks for the album A Farewell to Kings, a dimensional portal opens up as the harmonic frequency of one of their jam sessions bends space and time by resonating with the black hole in Cygnus X-1.

On the other side of the portal, the Rush dudes get to hop in a spaceship and go exploring different worlds in the multiverse. They get to do this in each episode, whenever one of their songs hits just the right note and unexpectedly opens the portal. Not only that, they can also use their spaceship to visit any time and place on Earth, so the story possibilities are endless.

The trick is: the spaceship is powered by Rush harmonic convergence music energy. So, whenever they are low and about to run out of fuel, they have to return to the studio and record another song. The process of songwriting and recording fuels up the spaceship again and the portal reopens.

The running joke could be: they write longer songs on purpose, because that makes the fuel tank fill up more. Also, replaying old songs works fine to open the portal and power the ship, but extra energy and wider travel is unleashed whenever a new track is created.

Rush should definitely get behind this idea. If you were retired rock stars, wouldn’t it be on your to-do list to star in your own sci-fi comedy Saturday morning cartoon? In any event, it is always possible for a motivated fan to create their own series. Prog on!

2 thoughts on “Rush: The Animated Series

  1. OMG,This HAS TO BE……………….the BEST IDEA I’ve EVER ENCOUNTERED regarding “RUSH” (besides THEM personally,and their ENTIRE LIST of songs,albums,touring-video’s,etc.) I’ve EVER seen or heard of!!!

    Yes,Yes,YES……………….PLEASE………………..SOMEBODY with good animation powers,GET BEHIND this to MAKE IT APPEAR on Saturday mornings for the ENTIRE WORLD to enjoy!!! RUSH-FANS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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