Round-Up of Progarchy’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

For your ease and reading pleasure, I decided to compile all the links to Progarchy’s 10th anniversary posts into one post. We had a lot of fun writing them, and I hope you have enjoyed this look back at the last ten years in prog. Here they are in the order they appeared:

Intro – Progarchy Celebrates 10 Years

A Note From Our Founding Father – Brad Birzer

Progarchy’s Artists of the Decade: Steve Hackett

Progarchy’s Artists of the Decade: Steven Wilson

Progarchy’s Artists of the Decade: Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy (This one had the most views over the course of a couple days that we’ve had in years, thanks to Mr. Portnoy sharing it on his social media. It’s a great rundown at the sheer volume of music these gentlemen have produced over the last ten years.)

Bryan’s Best of the Decade, 2012-2022

Rick’s Best of the Decade

Connor’s Best of the Obscure (A highlight of the top 10 albums from Connor’s ongoing series on the best prog bands you’ve never heard of.)

Progarchy’s Resident Drummer (Time Lord) on the Top Ten Albums of 2012-2022

Progarchy’s Band of the Decade – Big Big Train!

3 thoughts on “Round-Up of Progarchy’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

    1. Bryan Morey

      Thanks! I should’ve had another post declaring you our favorite commenter of the decade! We appreciate you sticking with us all these years. I always enjoy your comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha,Well………… was certainly MY pleasure Bryan!!! I remember back,each time that Brad used to write something,I made SURE to read everything he wrote,as his reviews and writings,were just fabulous to me!

        When Brad ended up leaving Progarchy here,I was of course,saddened by that,but that never stopped me from reading the new posts to it!!! When Bryan started here,I very much enjoyed reading his posts as much as Brad’s!!! I saw that him an I had a similar taste in Progressive-music just the way that Brad and I did.

        So Thank You for mentioning me in your comment here Bryan!!! I’ve enjoyed being a part of Progarchy since the beginning,and I hope to continue that for years to come!!! : >)



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