Progarchy Radio (July 4th edition)

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Amazingly enough–as my trip to Colorado has been postponed due to forest fires–I had time to record a progarchy radio episode.  It’s been a while!


If you are so interested, this episode includes music from (in order): Glass Hammer, Kansas, Styx, Sixpence None the Richer, Kalman Filter, Talk Talk, Gazpacho, Pöhja Konn, Chris Squire, Big Big Train, Marillion, The Fierce and the Dead, Head Space, and Ayreon.  Prog and post-prog.  Lots and lots of music with only minimal commentary.  Here’s hoping you enjoy.

Regardless, keep the people and the firefighters in Colorado in your prayers.

Progarchy Radio is Back

BB #2
Progarchy Radio, Featuring “Adrift.”

Hey Everyone,

I’m sure you thought Progarchy Radio was dead, making its way slowly up the mountains of Purgatory.  But, alas, she has arisen!  Back on earth.  Back in time.

This edition begins with a song our very own Dave Smith wrote (along with lyrics by yours truly), “Adrift.”  From Birzer Bandana’s second album, OF COURSE IT MUST BE, released today.

Birzer Bandana is followed by Nosound to conclude the first set.

Set Two, nostalgia and the 1980s: INXS; Thomas Dolby; XTC; Ultravox, The The, and Talk Talk.

Set Three, the best of 2017: Big Big Train; Newspaperflyhunting; Dave Kerzner; Glass Hammer; and Tricksy Spirit.

Epilogue, Stranger Things: Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein; and Joy Division.

Yours, in the spirit of progarchy radio,



Progarchy Radio–Mike Portnoy Special

portnoy (sticks for stones)
Michael Stephen Portnoy, b. 1967

As many of you probably already know, Mike Portnoy–drum and compositional demigod–turns 50 in April.  Mike, Happy Birthday!  We love you, man!!!

I’ve had the great privilege of seeing Portnoy live many, many times, and it’s never anything but an absolute treat.  For 25 years, Mike has been driving prog rock forward and bringing to the fans, delight after delight.  My wife (who has gone to all of the concerts with me) agrees completely.

This entire two-hour episode of Progarchy Radio is dedicated to the inspired genius of Mike Portnoy.  I play the entire twelve-step suite as well as music from Flying Colors, Big Elf, Transatlantic, the Neal Morse Band, Yellow Matter Custard, and the Morse-Portnoy-George Cover-to-Cover project.

Mike, happy birthday and thank you!  –Yours, Brad


Progarchy Radio (March 2017)


prog radio.001

Over two of music and minimal commentary.  Featuring music by Arjen Lucassen in his many incarnations and manifestations.  Also, music by Big Big Train, The Tangent, Blodwyn Pig, Jethro Tull, Hans Zimmer, My Bloody Valentine, the Sundays, Tears for Fears, Vertica, Sixpence None the Richer, Roswell Six, Matthew Sweet, ELO, Spacehog, and Newspaperflyhunting.

Progarchy Radio–Halloween 2016

From 1985: Oingo Boingo’s Dead Man’s Party

An appropriately bizarre episode of progarchy radio–featuring only SPOOKY songs!  Featuring Oingo Boingo, Glass Hammer, Matt Stevens, Japan, Gazpacho, Black Vines, The Cure, Steve Rothery, Steve Hackett, U2, Rush, Steven Wilson, Spock’s Beard, Advent, Mazzy Star, Cosmograf, and Simple Minds.



Progarchy Radio Episode 8

prog radio.001
Episode 8.

Welcome to our eighth podcast, recorded June 14, 2016.  This 2+ hour podcast features music from Cosmograf, Frost*, District 97, Steve Hackett, Gandalf’s Fist, Eric Gillette, Talk Talk, Traffic, Ordinary Psycho, Miles Davis, and Tears for Fears.

Progarchy Radio Episode Six

prog radio.001Ok, I think I’m finally starting to get a little more comfortable with the mic.  At least, I’m hoping. . . .

Lots of great tracks today.  Music from [Headspace], Mike Kershaw, Kinetic Element, Third Voice, Notice Grace, Cosmograf, Glass Hammer, Yes, Signal to Noise Ratio, Kevin McCormick, Tears for Fears, Sixpence None the Richer, Theaudience.

Dave Gregory: Progarchy Episode 5


A special episode of Progarchy Radio, featuring NOTHING but the music of Dave Gregory, guitarist extraordinaire for Big Big Train and Tin Spirits.  Also featuring Gregory playing in and for XTC, The Dukes of Stratosphear, Peter Gabriel, Porcupine Tree, Steve Hogarth.






And, after you’ve listened to our episode, be sure to check out Gregory’s amazing interview with Mark Powell:


Progarchy Radio Episode Four: THE TANGENT

Episode Four

Today’s episode features the music of Andy Tillison and The Tangent.  And, it’s our longest episode yet!  1 hour and 35 minutes.  You really get your money’s worth!

Three tracks from The Tangent plus music from Thomas Dolby, Tears for Fears, Black Vines, Sanguine Hum, Dead Can Dance, and Steve Wilson.