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Drinking From the Firehose – Some Quick Reviews


Like many of you, I “suffer” from the common “problem” that afflicts those of us who are prog fans in this, the Second Golden Age of Prog – mainly, that there is just so much good prog out there that nobody could possibly listen to it all.  In short, it’s like trying to drink from a firehouse.

Happily, this “problem” has been exacerbated for me since joining this site, as I have had the good fortune to be able to borrow a number of albums I had yet to hear.  As such, I’m going to write a few quick reviews (which are more like first impressions).  Please pardon the lack of detail, but do remember these reviews are worth every penny you paid me to write them ;).

The Flower Kings, Banks of Eden:  This is my second foray into Flower Kings territory, the first being ‘Space Revolver’ some time ago.  I thought the latter album was quite good, and ‘Banks of Eden’ only reinforced my good impression of these guys.  Even if there were no other good songs on the album, the hippy-dippy-trippy epic ‘Numbers’ that opens the show makes the price of admission worth it.  Luckily, there are other good songs, and thus I would definitely give this album a thumbs up.

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