Relentless Mutation

At the frontiers of metal, and probably beyond that, resides Archspire’s dizzying precision. Here compositions tend to proceed in convulsive strides — of synchronized riff–drums and robotic vocals, stepping from one atypical rhythm to another. Abruptly and frequently switching to varying palates — from “Sound of Perseverance” like scathing guitar harmonies, to math rock signatures. But everything stitched together into a seamless train, propelling at dissonant pace and agility.

Drum pattern on the title track — with every single beat audible and precise — pretty much illustrates this measured rich approach to compositions. Rooted in the ‘Effigy of the Forgotten’ like riffs, but those dialed down hardcore-punk influences make the band more symphonic, in the classical music sense. So, akin to a brutal-math-metal orchestra, with novel and yet coherent influences, Archspire is well into inimitable territory.



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