Yes — “From a Page”: A Nifty Burning Shed Exclusive!


This release is exclusively available from Burning Shed’s official Yes store.
From A Page contains the complete works of the Benoît David, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Oliver Wakeman and Alan White incarnation of Yes and features four previously unreleased studio tracks plus the Live From Lyon 2009 recordings (including the Japanese only bonus track Second Initial).
Oliver Wakeman has personally overseen the preparation of the studio recordings (from 2010) which were mixed by Karl Groom and mastered by Mike Pietrini).
3CD in clamshell box with 2 16-page booklets – one including new artwork from Roger Dean and sleeve notes by Oliver Wakeman and the other being an expanded and redesigned Live In Lyon booklet.
Oliver Wakeman says, “Following Chris Squire’s passing, I felt that the new music we’d created, but not released, should be heard and not sit unfinished on a shelf. And with Steve, Alan and Benoit’s enthusiasm for the project, I am proud to know that this music will get to see the light of day and, hopefully, be enjoyed by Yes fans as a piece of previously hidden Yes history.”
Studio Recordings
1. To The Moment (6.09)
2. Words on a Page (6.18)
3. From the Turn of a Card (3.24)
4. The Gift of Love (9.52)
In The Present Live From Lyon
1. Siberian Khatru
2. I’ve Seen All Good People
3. Tempus Fugit
4. Onward
5. Astral Traveller
6. Yours Is No Disgrace
7. And You and I
8. Corkscrew (Acoustic Solo)
9. Second Initial (Acoustic Solo)
In The Present Live From Lyon
1. Owner of a Lonely Heart
2. South Side of the Sky
3. Machine Messiah
4. Heart of the Sunrise
5. Roundabout
6. Starship Trooper
Recorded in Lyon December 1st 2009
Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Oliver Wakeman, Benoit David

Terminator: Dark Fate (Movie Review)


We love classic sci-fi here at Progarchy, so how could we not attend the opening night of Terminator: Dark Fate?

Listen to our Progarchy Podcast movie review below, recorded live in the theater as the closing credits were rolling…

Roine Stolt Interview: The Flower Kings — The Progarchy Podcast


Thank you to Roine Stolt for talking today with on the Progarchy Podcast.

The Flower Kings return next month with Waiting for Miracles, a magnificent album that we have had a chance to listen to and that we highly recommend to all prog lovers.

Listen below to our interview with Roine Stolt, wherein we discuss Transatlantic, The Sea Within, and the new album from The Flower Kings.

Malcolm Guite: Live at the Inklings Institute of Canada (Sep 13, 2019)

Check out the recording above of Malcolm Guite live at the Inklings Institute of Canada on September 13, 2019, sharing poetry and songs. (Note: the music starts at 36:50) The audio is bootleg quality, but permission was given for the recording to be made.



Richard Henshall Interview: The Progarchy Podcast @RichHaken

Richard Henshall by Anne-Marie Forker-2237

Listen above to the Progarchy Podcast interview with Richard Henshall of Haken.

Henshall takes us track-by-track through his forthcoming solo album The Cocoon.

You will love listening to his inside perspective on the musicians he worked with and all the musical themes and influences on the album.

Look for The Cocoon at the beginning of August. It’s full of thrilling musical explorations that connaisseurs of prog will not want to miss.

The Band
Matt Lynch – Drums
Conner Green – Bass
Richard Henshall – Guitar, keyboards and vocals

Guest Musicians
Ben Levin – Guest vocals on ‘Lunar Room’
Jessica Kion – Guest vocals on ‘Lunar Room’
Ross Jennings – Guest vocals on ‘Twisted Shadows’
Jordan Rudess – Guest keyboard solo on ‘Twisted Shadows’
Marco Sfogli – Guest guitar solo on ‘Lunar Room’
David Maxim Micic – Guest guitar solo on ‘Silken Chains’
Chris Baum – Guest strings on ‘Afterglow’
Adam Carrillo – Guest saxophone on ‘Cocoon’

Music by Richard Henshall
Lyrics by Richard Henshall with the exception of ‘ Lunar Room’ by Ben Levin
Additional drum arrangement by Matt Lynch
Additional bass arrangements by Conner Green
Additional string arrangements by Chris Baum on ‘Afterglow’
Co-produced, reamped, mixed and mastered by Simon Grove at Nerve Studios Additional drum editing by Joe Hamilton
Produced by Richard Henshall
Artwork by Sevcan Yuksel Henshall Portrait painting by Anthony Rondinone

*Correction: Haken L-1VE was actually released in 2018. I mistakenly assumed that because it came before Vector (2018) that it was released in 2017. In fact, they were both released in the same year.


Pink Floyd — “Moonhead”

The Moon Landing Inspired Pink Floyd’s Most Overlooked Song

A bluesy, atmospheric piece that the band improvised live on the air during the Apollo 11 mission deserves to be more than a footnote of musical history.

Over the decades, “Moonhead” has remained one of the most overlooked entries in the band’s canon, despite its historic status. Pink Floyd was commissioned by the BBC to perform instrumental music live on the air as the Apollo 11 crew’s video and audio signals came streaming in across the emptiness of space, beating the Soviets at the race that had been spurred on by John F. Kennedy’s rousing moonshot speech in 1962.

Pink Floyd was uniquely qualified for the task.