Chris Cornell, 1964-2017


Shocking and upsetting news in the music world today: Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell died suddenly last night after performing with the band in Detroit. No word on the cause of death as of yet. This is another great loss to the music world, and our prayers go out to his family and friends. We hope he is rocking out in peace.

Paul O’Neill: 1956-2017


Paul O’Neill, founder of the prog-metal group Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has died at the age of 61. He had been battling a chronic illness.

I have seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform live twice, and the music, dancing, and vocals were incredible each time. Inspired by classical composers such as Bach and Beethoven, and prog-rockers such as Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, O’Neill created a truly unique band. I have always enjoyed their Christmas-themed albums, all of which feature beautiful stories of forgiveness and redemption. Furthermore, the band always contributes to a number of worthy charities, usually for veterans or children. Mr. O’Neill contributed a great deal to the music world, and he will be missed.

The Mountain:


(Belated) Best of 2016

Please forgive my late entry, for I did not listen to as many new albums as I should have in 2016; I suppose I still have an affinity for the “classics.” Anyway, here is my all too brief list (in no particular order) of the best albums of 2016:moonpool

A Moon Shaped Pool (Radiohead): This was my first exposure to Radiohead, and I was impressed. The atmospheric, almost hypnotic vocals of Thom Yorke, supported by Jonny Greenwood’s haunting string arrangements, make this a work of eerie beauty. Burn the Witch and Daydreaming are the two stand out pieces, but the album overall is excellent.

Say So (Bent Knee): Not as well-known as the other two, but a gem nonetheless. This innovative band from Boston features the inbentkneecredible vocals of Courtney Swain, whose range will impress prog and non-prog lovers alike. You can check out my review of their first album here.

Your Wilderness
(The Pineapple Thief): I must admit that I enjoy just about anything created by Bruce Soord. The man is quite the talent – as a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist. His latest effort is no exception; it is filled with well-crafted and accessible songs. Overall, it is a great followup to 2014’s Magnoliayour-wilderness