Check out the Review Index for a catalogue of our album reviews and essays. This index is currently under construction, but we have a good number of reviews already indexed.

Progarchists are invited to rate albums in 5/4 time (i.e., on a 10-point scale, where one eighth note equals one point), but this is merely an option and not an obligation imposed on our reviewers.

Contributions to Progarchy are welcome in any format. Album reviews on Progarchy need not rate albums according to any scheme. Sometimes a short review can be summed up with a numerical rating, but sometimes an album defies such analysis and only a lengthier review with no rating can do the music justice.

Note that 5/4 time translates well into the traditional five-star rating format.

If an album review was done on this site with a star rating or a note rating or a number rating (out of 10), then you can click on the stars below to access it via its implicit ranking.
★★★★★ = 10/10

9.5/10 = 9.5/10

★★★★½ = 9/10

★★★★ = 8/10

★★★½ = 7/10

★★★ = 6/10



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