Burning Shed News (September 20, 2018)


King Crimson

Vinyl Box Sets (box set pre-orders)

King Crimson 1969-1972 and King Crimson 1972-1974 are limited edition box sets presenting the band’s seven studio albums from 1969-1974 in their 40th anniversary edition mixes (by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp).

1969-1972 also includes a double LP of rarities and a full-sized replica of the original King Crimson timeline booklet which accompanied The Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson.

1972-1974 contains a fourth album featuring a complete alternate version of Larks’ Tongues in Aspic – mixed and produced by Steven Wilson and featuring the LP’s original US artwork – plus the expanded edition of USA (in its 2013 mix by Robert Fripp, David Singleton and Tony Arnold). The set also contains a full-sized 24 page photographic booklet of the band during the period plus a poster of the King Crimson album art as it originally featured in The Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson.

All albums are cut from the same hi-res masters used for the 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A series, pressed on 200g super-heavyweight vinyl, and presented in their original sleeves.

Pre-order CD 1969-1972 for 2nd November release and 1972-1974 for 23rd November release. A bundle of both boxes is available for 23rd November combined shipping.

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“I Was a Teenage Proghead” Part 3 — Reel and Rock

This is final installment, see below the final page to find out how you can obtain a FREE copy of the full 32-page “Proghead” comic book when it comes out in print next month. Text by Rick Ouellette, Illustrations by Brian Bicknell This is my first foray into the world of indie comics and the […]

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Calling Forth Our Best: Glass Hammer’s Chronomonaut

A review of Glass Hammer, Chronomonaut (forthcoming, 2018, Sound Resources). Steve Babb: Bass; Fred Schendel; keyboards; Aaron Raulston, drums; Susie Bodanowicz, vocals; and various guests, guitars and vocals.

Glass Hammer’s latest album, Chronomonaut, entices and sparks so much of my imagination that I have a difficult time deciding how to start, construct, or end a review of this stunning piece of art.  I could review this as a distinctive piece of American culture and Americana; as a treasure hunt and quest; as a progressive rock album; as a philosophical examination of nostalgia; as a theological pondering on the nature of time; or as a fully-blown science fiction tale worthy of anything written by Robert Heinlein or Kevin J. Anderson. In some way, no review of this album can really be faithful to the material if it doesn’t take into account all of these things.

Then, there’s the grand problem of my words and the art of my writing doing justice to Glass Hammer’s words and the art of composition.  Frankly, it’s all a bit intimidating.


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Glass Hammer Video Release: “Melancholy Holiday”

Progarchy thoughts: Stunning and haunting.


Glass Hammer Release Chronomonaut Video – Melancholy Holiday

Glass Hammer premiers their Melancholy Holiday video from the new concept album Chronomonaut.

Chronomonaut tells the story of “the ultimate prog-fan” Tom, who, according to bassist Steve Babb, “has reached middle-age and wants to time travel back to the early 70’s to relive the glory days of progressive rock. We first introduced fans to Tom with our 2000 release Chronometree, an album which proved to be a turning point for us.”

Babb has been releasing videos of his character Tom, supposedly filmed in 1983, where viewers have learned about Tom’s failed prog rock band, The Elf King, and his preoccupation with time travel. “In the Melancholy Holiday video we find Tom late for a meeting with his girlfriend,” explains Babb. “Tom is convinced he’s traveled back in time to find her. She informs him otherwise and things just get weirder.”

Longtime Glass Hammer vocalist Susie Bogdanowicz sings this track, though Discipline front-man Matthew Parmenter also provides some lead vocals on Chronomonaut.

The seventy-minute long Chronomonaut releases on October 12th, but fans can pre-order autographed copies of Chronomonaut and limited edition t-shirts at the band’s website. http://glasshammer.com/official-store/

  1. The Land Of Lost Content 1:54
  2. Roll For Initiative 7:43
  3. Twilight Of The Godz 8:13
  4. The Past Is Past 9:56
  5. 1980 Something 5:51
  6. A Hole In The Sky 4:49
  7. Clockwork 2:17
  8. Melancholy Holiday 4:27
  9. It Always Burns Sideways 5:49
  10. Blinding Light 6:01
  11. Tangerine Meme 3:05
  12. Fade Away 10:27

And, without further delay, here it is.

Burning Shed News (September 6, 2018)


Carl Glover

Ian Anderson (limited edition prints)

Extremely limited edition, high quality prints of Ian Anderson designed, signed and numbered by Carl Glover.

Due to the high cost of the prints, all orders will be sent insured.

Available for 26th October shipping.

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