10 thoughts on “THE ARTISTS SPEAK

  1. Nice site, I’m looking forward to seing how this progresses 😉

    Plane Groovy are busy trying to reacquaint the world with the joys of listening to vinyl … so far in the Prog realm we’ve released the new echolyn and IZZ albums; about to put out Glass Hammer and we have an upcoming release by a huge UK band to be announced very soon; we launch the DBA album on 12 Nov (link to a download coming your way!) and we started the whole operation with the album Man by Francis Dunnery.

    Exciting times …


  2. Why no rap, doc? Is “There is no such thing as good rap” an a priori for you?

    And why no country? Do you regard Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Uncle Tupelo, and Ryan Adams as “country”? Nitty Gritty Dirt Band?

    I mean, I understand excluding the denizens of neo-Nashville. But to exclude “country” without more of a caveat seems un-American.


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  4. Joe Shea

    Want to offer a couple of thoughts here. Just discovering the current prog rock scene and have enjoyed listening to ProgPalaceRadio. They cover a wide range of music and I have found a couple of bands I enjoy through there. One is The Mind by Transcend, appears to be a first album, at least the only one iTunes carries. The other is Jeremias (Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms) by Circle of Illusion. There are evidently a couple of bands using that name. Would love to know what others think, I have enjoyed them and looking forward to sampling the bands I have found here.



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