Progarchy was founded in that singularly glorious year exactly one hundred years before the epic year of 2112. It was founded by Brad Birzer, Kevin McCormick, C.S. Morrissey, and Carl E. Olson. We also later teamed up with Craig Breaden’s soundstreamsunday.

Our goal is to support beautiful music, specifically progressive rock in all its varied forms, through album reviews, interviews, concert reviews, and articles. We are all volunteers. We do this for the love of the music and the people who create it.

Bryan Morey, C.S. Morrissey, and Rick Krueger

Please see our roster of authors — the Progarchists of Progarchy! — listed in the right-hand column of this Web site.

If you’re new to Progarchy, check out some classic posts about some of our favorite bands.

Big Big Train

A Beginner’s Guide to Big Big Train (Nov 2012)

Perfecting Perfection: Big Big Train’s English Electric Full Power (Sep 2013)

Mead Halls in Winter: Big Big Train as Community (May 2018)


The Stoic Wisdom of Neil Peart (Aug 2014)

The Saving Grace of Neil Peart (Nov 2014)

Rush’s Finest Album? (Hold Your Fire until you’ve read my analysis!)  (Apr 2014)

In Memory of Neil Peart (1952-2020) (January 2020)


Carl Olson on Miracles (and Music) Out of Kansas (Aug 2015)

30 years after taking “Drastic Measures”, John Elefante revisits Kansas (Jun 2013)


90125 at 30 – A Retrospective (Oct 2013)

Total Mass Retain: Yes at Sheffield City Hall (May 2014)


Genesis, TRESPASS (Dec 2012)

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin: A Progressive Rock band? (January 2015)

Emerson Lake and Palmer

ELP – William Blake and Jerusalem: The Divine Connection (June 2014)

Neal Morse

The Neal Morse Band, The Great Adventure (January 2019)

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  1. john tristine

    well one of my favorite bands ever, saw them multiple times, not much info on the rest of the band and do they play all the ELO hits and do they have the famous light show

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