The Ignorance of Roger Waters

I could easily turn this into a 1500 word rant about how Roger Waters has turned into a senile ass. I won’t do that, but I will just say that his head is shoved so far up his rear that he can’t see what’s going on in reality. Just look at the recent interview with Prog magazine where he said the following:

[Trump] might not sell his own kids, though you sense that they’re like lumps of meat when you see them parading around, They’re like prized cattle. They’ve sort of been plumped up. Those Trump boys, they look as if they’ve been injected with hormones every morning before breakfast to get them that pumped up and kind of dopey.

– Prog 77, page 57

Beyond the mere fact that the above idiotic statement has absolutely nothing to do with music, it is completely absurd! Just imagine if someone in Waters’ position said the same thing about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter. There would be people calling for his arrest and hanging!

This pile of crap related to the Israel boycott is nothing more than leftist anti-Semitism. The UN pulls this garbage of siding with the terrorists that run Palestine, even to the point of claiming that the Jewish people have no claim to the plot of land known as the Temple Mount. (

It truly is sad to see the once-great cultural critic Waters succumb to this base level of stupidity. The Palestinian government monetarily supports and vocally condones the utter destruction of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. How can supporting a boycott of Israel in support of the Palestinians be anything but vitriolic racism against the Jewish people?

I’m happy there are musicians like Steven Wilson, Radiohead, Steve Hackett, Mike Portnoy, and many others that are willing to ignore the anti-Israel garbage spewed by some on the left and play in Israel and collaborate with Israeli musicians.

I would love to go to one of Waters’ upcoming shows in Chicago, but I refuse to give my hard-earned money to that man after the things he has said. For that same reason, I refuse to buy his new album, and even if somebody gave me a copy, I probably wouldn’t listen to it. I am even having trouble listening to Pink Floyd because of his absurd comments, and they are one of my very favorite bands.

Roger Waters has completely lost touch with reality, and he needs to seriously reconsider his political positions because they are in direct contrast with the anti-establishment and anti-totalitarian (and brilliant) lyrics he wrote for Animals, The Wall, and The Final Cut.

Mr. Waters, if you choose to support an egregious boycott of Israel and the Jewish people who choose to live there, then I can choose to boycott you.

Member of Adrenaline Mob Killed in Fatal Car Crash

I just heard about this horrible story via Mike Portnoy’s twitter. Bassist David Zablidowsky of Adrenaline Mob (and Trans Siberian Orchestra, as well) was killed in a car crash in Florida that involved all members of the band, as well as Symphony X singer Russell Allen. According to reports, Allen was seriously injured along with A-Mob drummer Jordan Cannata and guitarist Mike Orlando. Several other people traveling with the musicians were also seriously injured.

Progarchy sends its deepest condolences to David’s family and friends, and we hope that the rest of the band members, Mr. Allen, and those traveling with them have a speedy recovery. This is truly a devastating accident.

Days of Future Passed at 50: The Moody Blues, Live at Ravinia (6/30/17)

For some reason, I’ve not delved into the Moody Blues during my relatively recent absorption of classic progressive rock. Over the past 5-10 years, I’ve come to know the music of Rush, Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Styx, ELP, Pink Floyd, and many newer bands quite well, but I haven’t ventured much past “Nights in White Satin” in the Moody Blues catalog.

I’ve long believed that seeing a band live is a great way to become acquainted with their music. Seeing Kansas live many years ago was a great introduction to their music for me, and the same proved true for the music of Styx when I saw Dennis DeYoung live for the first time. Thus, when I saw that the Moody Blues were going to play at Ravinia in Highland Park, IL, this summer, I jumped at the chance. In the meantime, I prepared by listening to Days of Future Passed, as well as many of the band’s hits.

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Drifting Sun Announce Pre-Order for New Album

From Drifting Sun HQ:

Hi guys!

This is to announce that the new Drifting Sun is now officially available to purchase as a pre-order from our official web and from our Bandcamp page, see details below.

For those who haven’t received the news of the release yet, the album will be offered as a 4-panel Digipak with a 12-page booklet insert.,

A free sampler track is now available for download from our Bandcamp page (URL below), and our new single ‘Eternal Cycle’ comes free with every order of Twilight.

We hope you will enjoy listening to the album as much as we have had fun making it!

Kind regards,
Drifting Sun

Peace, The Strawbs, and the Tragic Passing of Chris Cornell

Tuscaloosa Show, May 8, 2017

I’ve never really listened to Soundgarden, but I’m fully aware of their importance in the history of rock. When I saw this morning that Chris Cornell died, likely of a suicide, it certainly made my heart sink. I thought instantly of fellow Progarchist Carl Olson, who has expressed his love and admiration for Cornell’s music in several posts here at Progarchy over the years. His tribute today to Cornell captures that sense of loss that we all feel when one of our musical heroes passes away.

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The Flashback Caruso Memorial Barbecue – A Breath of the 60s Into Contemporary Prog

Flashback Caruso, The Flashback Caruso Memorial Barbecue (2016)

Tracks: Pigeon Plague (4:04), I (0:48), Levitation Song (5:31), Black Magic (7:52), Going Home (4:59), II (1:25), Life Lie (4:35), III (1:13), Aqualung Boy (6:37), Darkest Hour (5:16), IIII (1:30), Raggazza Italiana (3:25), Øksa (2:22)

Every once in a while, a breath of fifty-year old air can seem remarkably fresh. And yes, I am speaking metaphorically. Norwegian band Flashback Caruso provide just such a breath in their first full album as a band. Ranging from a surf rock sound with occasional Beatles-esque vocal harmonies to a more contemporary sound, The Flashback Caruso Memorial Barbecue embraces several styles of rock to create a smooth sound.

While I am far from an expert in 1960s rock, I know enough to recognize it when it is used as an influence. One of the things I like about that era of music is how light and airy it can sometimes be. It wasn’t overburdened with production or overplaying. It sought to create catchy music that was actually good. Flashback Caruso have tapped into that formula fairly well in this album, while still managing to include the instrumental prowess we have become used to in the progressive rock genre. Additionally, that album art is about as hippie as you can get.

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