Sympathy for The Syn


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I totally love all the tracks on the cool new album from The Syn, all of them, that is, except for the title track: “Trustworks.”

Well, I guess I have good instincts. As it turns out, apparently not much “trust” has been in the “works” among The Syn’s band members. Go read about their recent history over at The Progressive Aspect, which is quite comprehensive in the historical review that it offers preceding its album review. I guess I rightly sensed “baloney” ever since I first rolled at my eyes at the song.

Chris Squire “discouraged fans from purchasing the album [Armistice Day] and legal action saw release delayed until 2007,” according to The Progressive Aspect, which ends their positive review of Trustworks by making the devastating observation:

But is it just me or is the absence of some kind of a dedication or mention of Chris Squire in the booklet a strange thing?

Whatever your thoughts on The Syn and Mr Nardelli, you have to admit that Trustworks is a lot better than [the recent Yes album] Heaven and Earth!

True that!

If you want to have some real fun, go read Peter Banks’ statement of his outrage against The Syn.

Whew! Rock band infighting! Awesome. It’s like the classic feuds of the 60s and 70s all over again! Niiiiiice.

In any case, no matter what, we can still all enjoy the music. The new album is quite excellent. But, you know, take the lyrics to that title track with a grain of salt…

P.S. Don’t miss the Progarchy coverage of The Syn by Paul Watson.

The Edge — Live at the Sistine Chapel



On May 1, U2’s The Edge made history by rocking the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel with Leonard Cohen’s “If It Be Your Will,” as well as U2 songs “Yahweh,” “Ordinary Love,” and “Walk on.”

Some crazies are upset that The Edge broke the rules by singing “Yahweh” (a name you’re not supposed to say out loud).

Hey, dudes, if so, still, maybe it was God’s will?

Leonard Cohen’s “If It Be Your Will”:

If it be your will
That I speak no more
And my voice be still
As it was before
I will speak no more
I shall abide until
I am spoken for
If it be your will
If it be your will
That a voice be true
From this broken hill
I will sing to you
From this broken hill
All your praises they shall ring
If it be your will
To let me sing
From this broken hill
All your praises they shall ring
If it be your will
To let me sing
If it be your will
If there is a choice
Let the rivers fill
Let the hills rejoice
Let your mercy spill
On all these burning hearts in hell
If it be your will
To make us well
And draw us near
And bind us tight
All your children here
In their rags of light
In our rags of light
All dressed to kill
And end this night
If it be your will
If it be your will.

Magenta (Live Concert at Real World Studios) — “Metamorphosis”


We need more Magenta!

Rob Reed and Christina Booth of Magenta teamed up in April 2015 with David Longdon, Nick D’Virgilio, Nick Beggs, and Steve Hackett on the sundry remakes of Hackett’s 1979 track “Spectral Mornings” (with lyrics added for the first time to Hackett’s instrumental music by David Longdon).

More, please!

In the meantime…

Thank you, Cailyn Lloyd


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Page 76 of PROGRESSION (issue 69)

A favorite musician (and supporter) from the opening days of progarchy, Cailyn Lloyd is an absolute gem in the music world.  And, from what I know of her, she’s a gem to her family and community as well.  Not surprisingly.

Thanks for including us in your lovely ad, Cailyn.  Much appreciated!

If you’ve not had the pleasure of listening to Cailyn’s music–Stevie Ray Vaughn meets ELP meets Hayden–you’re in for a huge treat.



Fire Garden: The Pledge!


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fire garden 1

The glorious first album.  Still in constant rotation in my music listenings–Brad

One of my favorite musicians (and an incredible man of integrity and friendship), Zee Baig, has just announced a pledge campaign for his mighty and as-near-as-perfect-in-this-world progressive band, Fire Garden.

I give you my fullest and most complete and bestest encouragement to pledge!

Zee is worth it.

Zee’s art is worth it!

A hundred fold.

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