New 3RDegree Released


A copy of the new 3RDegree album arrived at progarchy HQ this weekend.  Very much looking forward to listening.  3RDegree are always extraordinary in their passionate intellect as well as in their perfectionist presentation.

One of America’s finest, to be sure.

To order a copy, go here:

Lee Speaks About Music… #87 — Lee Speaks About…

Rites At Dawn – Wobbler Introduction… With the release of their 2nd album Afterglow back in April of 2009 doing quite well and the departure of their singer Tony Johannessen. There was no time to stop and a month later the 4 remaining members of the band started work on what was to be the bands […]

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Tom Timely’s “The Elf King”–a Prog Masterpiece?

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.55.27 AM
Just a smidgeon of confidence!

Tom Timely has written, produced, and released a single under the title, “The Elf King.”  Unfortunately, at the moment, it seems only to be available as a Facebook video. Here’s hoping Timely will move it to Youtube.


Somewhat astoundingly, Timely begins his video with “Introducing A Prog-Rock Masterpiece,” all in Tolkienian, Elven script.

Indeed, he writes on his Facebook post:

My new song! Remind yourself of an earlier time over and over…until it becomes your reality. Think of the things you could do if you had the key to unlock the past….You could change things! Some call it nostalgia, I call it the key. Check out my song and see if it takes you back.

So, kudos to Mr. Timely for possessing so much confidence.  His pronouncement of “introducing” a “classic” reminds me of the founding father Benjamin Franklin when he wrote, rather proudly, that he possessed the virtue of humility.

Some things, simply put, cannot be bestowed on one’s self.  Anyway, I’ll just take this as Mr. Timely’s enthusiasm.

The single, “The Elf King,” is quite excellent, introducing us to some very Yes-ish bass, combined with Kansas and Genesis-like keyboards throughout much of the song, though harpsicord is the first instrument the listener hears.  I can’t quite place the voice, but Timely (I’m assuming it’s Timely on vocals) has a Styx-like feel to me.  While the entire middle and sections sound very reminiscent of Tony Banks’s work on Gabriel-era Genesis, the song itself seems to have been a long, forgotten part of Leftoverature.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.55.35 AM

Since I’ve referenced Yes, Genesis, Kansas, and Styx, you might very well get the opinion that this is pure nostalgia prog.  Heck, even Timely himself admits the element of nostalgia. Yet, this song is definitely more than a sum of its parts, and no one of the bands mentioned above could’ve written this song as is.  Thus, there’s a real genius in the way Timely pulls all of this older pieces together into a new whole.

I have a feeling Timely might very well have introduced a masterpiece. What say you???



Ancient Empire, “The Fifth Column”

Check out this awesome complete track from the forthcoming album Eternal Soldier now up at Ancient Empire’s Bandcamp page.

The album is described as: “The 4th saga from the ongoing struggle between humanity and the ancient alien invaders.”

You can read about the preceding trilogy here on Progarchy (just follow the link), or simply gaze at the “pulp fiction”-style album art.

My favorite is Part 1, When Empires Fall (2013). But what will be my response to Part 4? Stay tuned…

Glass Hammer Addendum

gh mostly live in italy

In my previous post on Glass Hammer News, I forgot (rather stupidly) to include Tad Wert’s excellent review of Glass Hammer’s Mostly Live in Italy.  No time like the immediate to fix a mistake.

Here, for one and all–wonderful Wert’s wonderful (yes, I employed “wonderful” several times) review:

Glass Hammer News

America’s greatest rock band has released some teasing but enticing words about their forthcoming album.  And, praise the Lord above, it’s going to be a concept album.  Glass Hammer–the best.  Concept albums–the best.  Glass Hammer concept album?  Yes, you guessed it. . . the best.

Big surprises on the new album…some cool cameos, some obscure cameos…some familiar Glass Hammer styles and some you haven’t heard. The concept is bizarre…but we think it might be a home run with you guys.

gh logo

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