An Angry Ted Nugent, 1977

I post the following not to start any kind of war against Nugent or any internet dog piling.  I did, however, find this absolutely fascinating.

As some of you know, I’m a professor by profession.  At the moment, I’m writing an intellectual biography of a very interesting sociologist, Robert A. Nisbet (1913-1996).  In my research, I came across this quote from Ted Nugent.  It was, by the way, next to a quote by Irving Kristol about Robert Nisbet.

If the punk rockers think they’re so punky with the pins in their face, I’ll show ’em my nine millimeter, put a couple of slugs in their chest and let’s see how punky they think that is.–Ted Nugent, quoted in THE REGISTER (November 17, 1977), F5.

I guess some things never really change.