Arcade Messiah III: Now Streaming

ALBUM PREMIERE: Arcade Messiah dish out a dose of instrumental perfection with “III”

Sludglord Blog are exclusively premiering the Full Album Stream of Arcade Messiah ahead of tomorrows release date, Arcade Messiah III is released on November 25th

Arcade Messiah III Album Preorder –

John Bassett the singer, songwriter and producer of UK Progressive Metal Band KingBathmathas announced the forthcoming release primarily on bandcampof ARCADE MESSIAH III (release date 25/11/16)

The mostly instrumental one man project combines progressive metal with post rock, sludge, doom and stoner rock with Bassett recording all instruments and producing the album himself.  Says Bassett, “Arcade Messiah III has certainly been a labour of love for me, never before have I refined a record to the degree that I have done with this album, I incorporated many new production techniques and have learned a lot from the experience of putting this record together. I’m very excited to release this out into the wild.

Acompanying this release is a music video for track 1 of the album “Revolver” it includes eye popping timelapse visuals of Tokyo at night by darwinfish105

Arcade Messiah III
(25/11/16) track listing
1. Revolver
2. Citadel
3. Deliverance
4. Life Clock
5. Black Tree
6. Sanctuary

More John Bassett/Arcade Messiah Information Just Released

ARCADE MESSIAH II CD announced for Dec Release –

John Bassett (the singer, songwriter and producer of UK Progressive Rock BandKingBathmathas announced the forthcoming release of ARCADE MESSIAH II

Arcade Messiah II builds upon the elements of the first release with the genre blending of Metal, Stoner, Doom, Prog, Math rock, and ambient post rock continuing into an ever increasing dynamic storm of controlled chaos.

John Bassett: “after the surprise success of last year’s original Arcade Messiah album and after receiving feedback from fans of that album I decided to make a sequel, a continuation of that album, that is hopefully bigger, better, more refined and more dramatic, but which didn’t lose the vibe and atmosphere that was created on the original Album

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John Bassett News: Arcade Messiah II

I’m extremely excited by this.  John is a wonder–as interesting and creative as he is intelligent and kind.  The three albums that came out at once–his first solo album, the last Kingbathmat album, and Arcade Messiah–proved that the man is a force of musical beauty.–Brad

Arcade Messiah II Album Preview

Hi everybody, I will soon be releasing the follow up to last years Arcade Messiah album. “Arcade Messiah II” will be released end of November/early December, I have just uploaded a 2 minute Album Preview Video at

There will be a Pre-Order for both digital download and CD starting next week.

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