Build a Classical Library Without Going Broke


If you were considering taking the plunge into classical music but were wary of the cost, you no longer have an excuse. The Bach Guild is releasing excellent collections of classical music on Amazon at incredibly low prices. For example, you can get more than 33 hours of very fine performances of baroque music for less than $3.00. Yes, that’s right – less than 3 bucks!

Unlike iTunes tracks, these are DRM-free mp3’s. You can stream them off the cloud, download them to listen to on any mp3 player, or burn them to CD.

The Big Baroque Box, Vol. 1 features the music of Vivaldi, Dowland, Torelli, Bach and many others. 305 tracks for $.99.

The Big Baroque Box, Vol. 2 is more of a “Baroque Greatest Hits”, with Handel, Albinoni, Pachelbel, Bach, etc. 214 tracks for a whopping $.99.

The Big Baroque Box, Vol. 3 continues high quality performances of interesting selections of Rameau, Gluck, Purcell, Vivaldi, etc. 129 tracks for – you guessed it – $.99.

The Bach Guild has also released huge collections devoted to individual composers, including Bach (surprise!), Handel, Vivaldi, Haydn, Purcell, Mozart, and Beethoven, among many others. Even if you decide that a particular composer isn’t your cup of tea, you aren’t out a large investment. Take the plunge!