Chuck Dixon’s Vampire Novel: BLOODED

Dixon BloodedReview of Chuck Dixon, Blooded: A Novel with Teeth (Bruno Books, 2017).

Blooded is a gripping, driving, and, at times, disturbing story of a real estate agent who becomes stupidly amorous with a hookup in a bar.

No sin goes unpunished.

The next morning, he finds that his “score” is really a vampiress, and she’s turned him into a vampire as well.  Though we know next to nothing about the protagonist, we quickly and rather sympathetically follow his exploits as he has to figure out how to live this new life.

We learn of him—in a genius aspect of Dixon’s writing—only by the choices he makes from that fateful morning forward.  Does he embrace the new lifestyle?  Does he keep his old morality (which, from what little the reader knows, was already pretty shady)?  Does he remain a human who now has supernatural powers (and limits)?  Or, does he become the monster he must become to survive in this new form?

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