Cygnus Visits Local Record Store


It’s April 22. A huge day, as you all well know. It’s, after all, the Feast Day of St. Arwald of the Isle of Wight.

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s not what you’re thinking.

April 22???  Something, something. . .

Oh yes! Eart. . .

No, Record Store Day. That’s it. Record Store Day! No offense to St. Arwald. He was pretty cool.

checker record
Checker Records, Hillsdale.  Photo courtesy of the Hillsdale Collegian.

But, Record Store Day is the day we celebrate the local record stores, owned by families, groups of friends, and entrepreneurs who struggle against the collosal entities of the box stores and the cyber corporations. If you do nothing else today, please buy something from your local record store. My local record store is Checker Records–run by wonderful people and serving excellent coffee as well as good conversation and good humor.

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