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Well, in perusing Cygnus X1’s website just now, I found even more information about Rush.  Stuff that had totally eluded me.  Cygnus, what would we do without you???  Thank you!

Kevin J. Anderson has just announced that CLOCKWORK LIVES will be a graphic novel soon.  How very cool.

Here’s the Cygnus X1 link:

And, here’s the direct link to KJA’s website:

The Trilogy Complete: Kevin J. Anderson’s ETERNITY’S MIND

Out today, and available from Amazon.

I wish I had a review ready, but I just received the book today!  So, sadly, no review yet.  Just a notice.  This, however, is the conclusion to Anderson’s brilliant, Saga of Shadows trilogy.

For those of you who don’t know, Anderson is not only one of Neil Peart’s closest friends, but he’s also the co-author of Clockwork Angels and Clockwork Lives with Peart.  Much to celebrate in the prog world.

What else to write about Kevin?  I mentioned he’s brilliant, but did I mention he also writes lyrics for Roswell Six, is a great guy, has an equally great wife, and has been nominated for the Hugo?

To order Anderson’s’s latest, please go here:


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Clockwork Angels, the Graphic Novel; and Clockwork Lives. By Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart.

Scifi Pulse has just posted a really strong review of the latest novel by sci-fi master Kevin J. Anderson and Rush drummer Neil Peart, CLOCKWORK LIVES.

The final line: Reading the first book is not necessary to enjoy this novel; it is in a completely different format than the previous book and is equally satisfying. Anderson and Peart have created a magnificent journey for Marinda and I’m glad they returned to this universe. In fact, after the pleasure this book brought to me, I would be disappointed if they did not return for further tales. Recommended. Overall grade: A+ 

To read the full review, go here: