Marillion FEAR Sale (Yes, FEAR!)

Marillion’s FEAR.  On sale again!

This just appeared on social media.  I can’t recommend this album highly enough.


Dear All,

Once again thanks to you all for being part of our pre-order campaign for
F E A R.

The album is now 18 months old and we are still surprised and overwhelmed by the positive reactions that we are still getting from you all.

The songs have been especially well received at our live shows and we thank you, as ever, for your continued support.

We are sending this message today as we have some leftover stock from the campaign which we have now decided to sell.

We are going to sell these at the same prices that were charged during the campaign.

CD (£12.00 plus postage) –

CD Signed (£18.00 plus postage) –

CD Special Edition (£30.00 plus postage) –

CD Special Edition Signed (£38.00 plus postage) –

Best wishes

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve

Second Spring #7: “Fear” by Sarah McLachlan

1993, Nettwerk.

I’m honestly not sure what I could write about this song that I’ve not already written here and elsewhere.  I first encountered McLachlan back in 1993 when her stunning (to this day, one of my favorite albums) FUMBLING TOWARD ECSTACY revealed just how professional and innovative “alternative” music could be.  If there’s an artist who puts her (or him) self more into the music than did the younger McLachlan, I have yet to encounter that artist.

I remember telling some women friends of mine that I had discovered McLachlan, only to find that the really cool women in graduate school already knew McLachlan from her first two albums–which, I was informed, were far superior to this third one.  Admittedly, after purchasing TOUCH (1989) and SOLACE (1991), I had to agree that they were excellent.  They still weren’t FUMBLING.

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Bryan’s Best of 2016

2016 has been a pretty horrible year: terrorism, deaths of way too many musical heroes, the recent loss of Prog magazine and the total screwing of all Team Rock employees, personal inability to find a job… Yeah, this year has sucked.

Thankfully, despite these trials, progressive rock has continued to be the most creative and innovative genre in the music business. I always enjoy writing a “best of” list, mainly because it gives me a chance to look over the best music of the year. We prog fans really are spoiled.

Like last year, my 2016 list will be pretty big, and the order is completely arbitrary. I have a numbered top 4, but my top 3 picks for this year are essentially tied for first place. Without further ado, my favorite albums of 2016:

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