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Upcoming EP ‘Moirai’ out May 12

NEW YORK – N.Y./N.J. progressive metal outfit, Gyre, has teamed up with Revolver to launch a brand new track, “Manifest,” from the band’s forthcoming ‘Moirai’ EP, due out May 12. Stream “Manifest” exclusively at:

“The song speaks of pushing yourself to the edge and finding a balance between your dreams and reality,” Gyre told Revolver. “It speaks of seeing past the tentacles that try to control and conform, and to embrace your individuality.”

‘Moirai’ can be pre-ordered now through the Gyre Bandcamp page at:

An additional ‘Moirai’ track, “I Release,” can be streamed on YouTube at:

The band added: “This album is a resurgence – a reminder that it’s never too late to truly awaken your potential in life and control your own fate. We can guide ourselves to this realization by expressing our passion and doing what we love. This can be different for people, but it is through the act of creation we feel our self-worth and purpose bloom.

“‘Moirai’ is a term for the three sisters of fate. It ties this third album together. Two sisters represent birth and death, inevitable forces beyond an individual’s control. We are Lachesis, the second sister…the story in between. If we want to, if we decide…we can write our own story. Ultimately, we are all completely responsible for our own actions and emotions.”
‘Moirai’ was recorded by Juan Soaz and Ying Chee then mixed and mastered with Kevin Antressian at Backroom Studios (Dillinger Escape Plan, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Adrenaline Mob, Foxy Shazam).

1. I Release

2. Manifest

3. Behind the Eyes

4. Moirai

5. Dream the Obscene

Stay tuned for more information on Gyre and ‘Moirai,’ due out next week.

Gyre is…
Juan Soaz – Guitar

Pablo Carpio – Drums

Ian McCartney – Guitar

Chirag Bhatt – Bass

Ying Chee – Vocals
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