Review: jhimm-Between the Waves



Some time ago I wrote a brief post introducing jhimm, a one man band from Connecticut (my home state), to Progarchy.  Jason Himmelberger, the man behind the project, has since contacted me, and I am now honored to review his debut album Between the Waves, which I have recently had the pleasure of listening to.  I hope this review does the album justice because I was thoroughly impressed.  Here is a brief description of each song:

Outside the Box: great Hackett-like guitar (slow and smooth); beautiful song about a man who believed he had everything, but realized he was missing the most important thing of all-human contact

Different Eyes: in my humble opinion, the catchiest song on the album; eerie piano and distorted guitar; sounds dark, but picks up the pace and is quite enjoyable

About to Fall: another excellent song with great keyboard work; builds up to an “explosion” of keys and drums about halfway through; features a minimalist guitar sound

Part of Nothing: eerie but beautiful acoustic opening (with solid bass and keys); darker song that picks up after about 4 minutes

Between the Waves: wonderful piano drive piece; similar in sound to some of Coldplay’s work

Waiting for the Tide: great keyboard/synth driven piece instrumental; shortest song on the album, but entertaining nonetheless

Everyday Dying: definitely a “radio friendly” song (if only radio recognized more prog!); similar again in sound to Coldplay or Elbow; nice gentle guitar work

Falling Down: touching song dedicated to the victims of the Newtown school shooting; great vocals filled with emotion; Pink Floyd-ish atmospheric sound

jhimm has certainly produced a fine album.  He is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and great songwriter, and I hope his talent does not go unnoticed for much longer.  In my opinion, jhimm sounds like a wondrous blend of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, and Coldplay- a softer, mellow art rock that truly is a pleasure to listen to.  Even if you appreciate harder rock or metal, you will not be disappointed by this album.  And despite its rather serious tone, it does have a message of hope, hidden between the waves.

And here is the great song Outside the Box for your listening pleasure:


jhimm: Between the Waves

Jason Himmelberger, aka jhimm, a new artist, has just released his debut album titled Between the Waves.  I have not had a chance to listen to the entire album, but I was impressed by the one song I did listen to: Falling Down, a moving tribute to the victims of the Newtown, CT school shooting.  jhimm, who hails from New Haven, Connecticut, has written a beautiful piece of music; his haunting, atmospheric vocals (similar to Peter Gabriel)  add the necessary amount of emotion to the song.  It’s also nice to hear some quality prog from my home state.  His album is available for purchase on iTunes.  I look forward to listening to the rest of his work.  Here’s Falling Down: