Why Burning Shed Matters

A great comment from Pete Morgan (founder of Burning Shed).  Very honored to have him post at progarchy.  [Lee, we love you, too; but, you already knew this!]


Thanks for the comments about us versus Amazon.

Firstly, no we’ll never be able to compete with them. That’s partly due to scale but also because, unlike Amazon, we pay all of our taxes on top of trying to pay our staff a decent wage. In that regard it is not a level playing field.

Nevertheless, we are often cheaper than them on new releases because the ‘free’ delivery is built into the cost of the item or the Amazon Prime fee (there’s no such thing as a free lunch after all).

Packages shipped from one side of the Atlantic to the other will by post always take a week or so. Other than sending everything by courier (at great cost) there’s not much we can do about that, sorry, but we do try to ship as far ahead of release date as possible.

I don’t agree that our postage charges are a ‘bit of a rip off’. International postage is expensive and we charge £3.08 for a CD in a card mailer which is less than Royal Mail’s standard Airmail tariff (£3.30) as we pass on our volume discount to customers.

We’re always looking for cheaper ways to send things though and if we can do it we will.

I hope you’ll continue to give us a go on those occasions where we have something Amazon don’t.