A Quick Progarchy Update

Good evening everyone. This is just a quick update to announce that Rick Krueger is now an editor here at Progarchy, joining myself and C. S. Morrissey. Rick will now be running our Facebook account, since he’s the only one of the three of us brave enough to enter that lion’s den. Thanks, Rick!

We’ve also changed our Contact page. Instead of having a separate email address that you’d have to type into your browser, we’ve added a contact form you can fill out directly on the page. We’re hoping this streamlines things and makes it easier for artists and labels to contact us. If you already have a direct email contact with us that you consistently use, then keep communicating with us that way.

We also turned our “Choice Cuts” page into a more general “About” page, moving some info from the old Contact page to this page. We still have a list of our favorite posts that we think welcomes newcomers to our site to help them understand what we’re all about here.

We’ve been up and running for eight years this month, and we’re so happy to have you as our readers. We love this music, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to tell people about it. Prog on!

Submission Address Change

If you’re submitting a physical CD, DVD, Blu-ray, book, etc. for review at progarchy.com, please make sure you address it to:

Brad Birzer/Progarchy

6 West Montgomery ST

Hillsdale MI 49242


We’ve been in Colorado for this academic year, but we return to Michigan in just a few days.  Thank you!