More Tears Than Fears: News

Songs from the Big Chair (1985). One of pop’s greatest statements.

Ugh.  I was just looking up Tears for Fears news to find out if the release date of the new album had been announced.  I had thought it would have come out last year, and, admittedly, I was a bit frustrated and surprised when it didn’t.  To this day, Tears for Fears remains not just a favorite band, but certainly my favorite proggy pop or poppy prog band.

Here’s the “ugh.”

I had no idea that Roland Orzabal’s wife, Caroline, passed away last year.

Roland, you don’t know me in the least, but I am so, so sorry for your loss.  I knew that something had happened when the tour got cancelled, but I’d assumed nothing as drastic and horrible as losing a family member.

Caroline had been a major part of Roland’s life and his music as his wife and best friend since the early 1980s.  They married in 1982.

The Express and Star (Andy Richardson, January 13, 2018) writes:

Roland is finding his way into the day. He’s tired. Yesterday was a big day, a tough day. Though he’s still grieving Caroline – and how could he not, they were happily entwined for all of their adult lives, she was his rock – he’s trying to stay in the moment, rather than slip into the past.

Now, of course, my worries about no new TFF album in 2017 seem nothing short of absurd.  Our condolences, Roland.  May Caroline rest safely and happily in the embrace of eternity.

Remembering Geoff Banks

As you all know, Geoff Banks passed away not long ago.  We all mourn our loss.


When we were first starting progarchy, Geoff was an immense help.  Not only through constant encouragement but through excellent and solid advice as well.  He also promoted us where he could–especially via the web and via his radioshow.

I’m honored to note that he and I corresponded frequently.  We agreed on absolutely nothing but music.  We had fundamentally different views about family, politics, religion, etc.  And, he was not shy in expressing his views!  But, when it came to the music, we were in complete sympathy, and music friendship transcended and healed any differences we might have had.

Geoff was very much his own man, and I already feel his absence profoundly–even an ocean away. . . . an ocean of space and time.

Geoff’s closest friend, Jon Patrick, posted this a few hours ago:

Today we reach the shortest day, for some it will be the longest and a date we will always remember for a different reason. Today we will get together, many of us who can and Celebrate the life of Geoff Banks.

We will be surrounded by Geoff’s family and many, many of his friends. Together we will support each other in our grief at this time of the final farewell. Many tears have been shed, and will be. But we must always remember that Geoff Banks was a Rocker. In his honor we will Rock! For Geoff would want that. Today we celebrate a great friend. 

For those who can’t make it you will be all represented. I will read a message from Stacy Neuman who needs our love and support at this time, as do all the family. Stacy can’t be there and I know that is so very painful for her. I’ve been asked to close things.

I would like to personally that everyone for their wonderful support. A very special thank you to Damian Wilson who will perform a song for Geoff Banks. Damian’s friendship and unique look at life will be very much needed today.

For those who can, I will see you very soon. For those who can’t I know your thoughts, support and love will be with us. XXX

According to old Catholic belief, only the dead can dance.  Dance away, Geoff!