Soundtracks and Dark Knights


Does anyone have any idea how to categorize movie soundtracks?

Certainly, by its very nature, prog is cinematic, often eerily so.  But what about actual sound tracks?  Do soundtrack composers–aside from Trevor Rabin–think of themselves as classical artists?  Rock?  Or, are soundtracks their own strange genre?

Why do I ask, you ask.

Since BATMAN BEGINS first came out in the theaters, I’ve regarded it as one of my two or three all-time favorite movies.  It didn’t beat out my favorite, Hitchcock’s ROPE, but it came really close.  In fact, I liked it so much, that I never quite made it through THE DARK KNIGHT, as I felt that second movie undermined everything the first accomplished.

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Vangelis Delectus

Delectus: A book of passages from Greek or Latin authors used for study.

When you hear the name Vangelis, depending on your age and musical affinity, you think of different things.

You think of the keyboard player of Aphrodite’s Child whose astonishing album 666 has to be heard to be believed, you think of the pioneer of electronic music whose albums were all groundbreaking in their own way, you think of the soundtrack king, in particular the unforgettable Chariots of Fire, or you think of the fact he was once invited to join Yes, and then produced three fantastic albums with Jon Anderson.

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