TeamRock Gets Louder

And, so it begins. . . –Kosh

Jerry Ewing, the fearless and beloved leader of the world of prog, has just announced that what was TeamRock has become Louder.  The rebranding comes as the various members of TeamRock fear that labels such as prog and metal have become too exclusive and narrowing for a younger generation of listeners.

To read the full explanation, go here.  Regardless, we wish Ewing all the best, as always.


Dear “The Gift”: An Ode to Bruce Springsteen

by Stephen Klugewicz

Springsteen from TEAMROCK
Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s.  Photo borrowed from

Dear “The Gift”

An Ode to Bruce Springsteen


In a world of oaths forsaken,

In a time of prophets bought and sold,

To the faithful along the avenue

You offered a gift of the purest gold.


Politician declares, “So help me God,”

Priest proclaims, “Let no man put asunder.”

But your whispered sweet sounds,

Were a bond sealed with thunder.


At once a stranger and yet a friend,

At once young and always old,

Singing the silent song of our souls,

Like that between mute lovers in the cold.


Now years are dissolved into dust,

Into the wind, into the mist.

Meaning made deep by memory,

Like a lover long and tenderly kissed.


You might have gone forever home,

You might have instead quietly slept,

Leaving us alone, betrayed and broken.

But you proved the gift a promise kept.

You proved the gift a promise kept.

Jerry Ewing and PROG: A Class Act

prog 2015 programmeMy September 2015 issue of PROG arrived today in Michigan.  Wow, do I love this magazine.  The iPad app/version is wonderful, but it’s so very nice to hold a tangible issue in my hands.  Even the distinctive magazine smell is nice.

Much to my delight, PROG also included a copy of the PROGRESSIVE MUSIC AWARDS PROGRAMME 2015 with the issue.  Definitely thoughtful and well done.

Excellence is . . . well . . . excellent in whatever form it takes.

Thanks, Jerry and PROG!

prog 59

Happily PROG-ed.



August 11, 2014

Well, I admit it. Freely admit it. I was more than wrong.

Last week, I was pretty much banging my head on the wall trying to get the new PROG iPad app to work. Despite following the instructions, I just couldn’t get the thing to work. By the way, for those of you who know me personally, you won’t be surprised that 1) I couldn’t get it to work; and 2) I was frustrated.

Strangely enough, some technology comes to me immediately, and I can flow gracefully through, with, and around it. Other technology confounds me and makes me feel like a total idiot. Generally, I get along well with computers, but, equally, I can’t figure out cell phones worth a . . . well, you get the idea.

Part of my frustration came from the obvious fact that PROG is my favorite magazine, and I love basically everything that Jerry Ewing does.   So, I wanted my PROG!

After some very kind help from Ally at TeamRock this mornin, I was able to get my first new, improved, and enhanced issue of PROG.

And, holy schnikees, was it worth the wait. Using the same format as CLASSIC ROCK, the new PROG app allows for deep reading, support for hunting through the maze of web information surrounding a band or album, and, graphically, jumps off the page of the iPad. In other words, TeamRock has figured out what most traditional publishers still don’t understand—how to explore and utilize the possibilities of the iPad to their very limits. Good for them. And, great for us.

So, I didn’t get immediate gratification last week. I am now more than satiated. Thank you, Jerry and Ally. Thank you very, very much.

My faith is restored. Yours, Brad